Tormach post processor for Solidworks?

I have some simple parts in Solidworks that I would like to get to the Tormach 8L. I believe I need a post processor for the G code that is specific to the Tormach PathPilot machines. But I can’t seem to find such a thing, although I thought I heard in class that there was one.

Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction to complete this path? Or have we not completed the path from Solidworks CAM to the Tormach?


@procterc had some success with the Solidworks post processor if I’m not mistaken.

Here is a site with a post processor for the 15l, but that is a rear-turret machine. ShareFile - GoEngineer

I have used a similar post processor for fusion and it worked. (as long as the tool postions are not on the back side of the part. You have to check the G code and make sure that the X moves are the right direction given our front tool post. That is also the solidworks post processor linked from the Tormach support site.

thanks. I will check it out. I didn’t see any post processor on the Tormach site that I could actually get to for solidworks. All links took me to vendor pages that wanted to sell something.

And would you recommend a different tool chain to do this to go to the 8L? Or is this route through solidworks the best route?

I know fusion better than solid works so that is what I use, but I understand solid works does work . Maybe max knows better

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That would be @Mrholthaus

@procterc has it all setup somewhere for solidworks. I am not sure if he looks at talk these days.

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Patrick, who may not be on Talk, has had some success with this I think.

There’s a link on tormach’s site. It’s for the 15 slant.

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Thanks. I also need to figure out how to define tools that cut from the front instead of the rear. Lots to learn!

It takes care of it except for parting off