Tormach, or Not Tormach. That is the Question

It is worth noting, it’s not that heavy. Packing states it’s 666lbs.

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A relative statement :stuck_out_tongue:

Harder thing is just inspecting it all in a timely fashion before the drivers slip is signed

If it’s Friday I’m available. Let us know the arrival date.

It’s arriving tomorrow; they would not schedule a time but they’ll call me an hour in advance

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That is a cute machine and great specs for the size. Look forward to using it!

I’ll be around the space, possibly in the commons working on Multicam training. I’ll help if you need an additional hand.

Lol. As it would happen, they decided to show up early. Not sure if if he got it unloaded or not. My understanding is the driver was being a PITA

Funny thing I got a wakeup call from the driver saying he was almost here (8:00-8:30) despite what I was told by them yesterday

Rushed over here. Showed up 30 minutes later than indicated to boot.

But it’s here in the warehouse with only one crate panel loose.



So ready to make some rocket tooling!