Tool Time with Tim Thursdays 6-8pm

Ok I’m going to try something similar to office hours, only its not in an office, hence the name.

If you have a project that you are trying to figure a way out to do it, come by Thursdays 6-8pm in Machine shop.

To be clear, this will not be equipment training. This is for those who may not know how to fixture or approach an issue in machining. Or just come hang out. Let solve some problems.


Will this be every thursdays?

I’ve been checked out on the lathes but I was unable to get any practice or do anything before I took off for a few months, so would this be the appropriate time to come in with a project or two and have a master, such as yourself over our shoulders so we can get a little practice?
Mainly to make sure we don’t break something expensive?

Oh hell yes!

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Thats the plan. I intend on making it a regular event every Thursday. I want to break that intimidation factor of the machines, to get people comfortable with it.


Fair enough.
There has been some things I’ve been wanting to do especially with the shark but I’ve been hesitant because of my lack of experience and at the same time I didn’t want to bother someone else in the middle of one of their projects just to look over my shoulder and make sure I wasn’t detrimentally f#@king something up.

I dig this new plan.

Reminder that I will be in Machine Shop at 6pm tonight.


Its THURSDAY… I’ll be here until 8ish.


Yet another Thursday.

Please keep your safety in mind, bring safety glasses and closed toed shoes.

I will be forced to turn you away if you come in with flip flops or beach sandals. It’s a two fold safety concern. The chips can be hot and they can be like razor blades between your toes.


Its almost machining time this Thursday. Look forward to seeing those who show


I just saw this thread. Put this on my calendar. I have a piece of round brass stock that I’d like to machine into a slip shaft as a replacement for a hose reel.

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Tool Time will reconvene on 12-8-22 due to Thanksgiving & On-Call schedule for the following week for me.