Tool Request Process?

Is there a thread for making tool requests? Not sure what category a 40” laminating machine would go under? What is the process?

That’d probably go into Creative Arts. Any idea how much one would cost? That determines the venue for the request.

2-3k I think. Would need to do more research

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That’s considerable. You would first present your info at a Creative Art Meeting. Then if we agreed, we’d write a proposal for the Board, and present it at a Board meeting.

For something in that price range, we’d also need to know how many folks might use it. You might put an Interest thread in the Creative Arts category to see who else might think that this would be great.


If the price is 500-2,000$ then you only need the committee plus the treasurer to ok it. If it’s over 2k, then it goes to the board after the committee votes on it.


Sounds like a commercial piece of equipment. Check what the electrical power requirements are first. The one small room in Creative Arts has limited power, everything is on one circuit breaker. You may need to include the cost of an electrician to add more circuits in that area. That could be done at the same time the new Woodshop electrical is put in place.