Tool Access for 16 & 17 year olds


DMS frequently gets inquiries about what ages can use what tools. The answer is out there on all the various committee pages making it hard to give an answer.

Would the Chair or someone from each committee please provide an answer and we’ll get it in as one of the FAQ’s and can link to this from various places.

The assumption is hand held tools are okay so don’t list those unless there is something that may not be allowed (thinking a circular might not).

If it is a machine that must be 18, don’t list, just looking at tools that are available after training.



Laser: 16 yrs old.
Use this link to cite our wiki.


Digital Media: 16

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16/17 with a parent for hot processes (save the large oven, which does not need a parent), 18+ otherwise. We do still have a process for younger on a case-by-case basis.



“Hot Processes”

  • Welding with parent

  • Plasma cutter with parent

  • Spot Welder with Parent

  • Furnace OK @ 16

  • All other Tools 18? Or are they okay at 16?


Metal tools OK at 16 (grinders, shears, vapor hone, etc).

The things that involve moving torches or plasma are the ones we have the parent requirement, as the safety requirements for those are far higher.


GlassWorks would like define this info with the committee members first.