Too. Much. Donated. Fabric

We’ve had a couple of unsolicited donations of mass quantities of fabric in the past month or so. It is currently FILLING a cabinet that does not belong to the Sewing SIG. We need to get rid of as much as we can.

Please, we beg of you. Come by and PILLAGE THE HOARD! ALL FREE TO GOOD HOMES! This is the cabinet to the right of the door into the sewing room.

(And PLEASE don’t leave stuff at DMS that you haven’t gotten explicit permission from the appropriate Committee Chair or SIG Leader to donate. Your “trash” isn’t necessarily someone else’s “treasure”. It may just be someone else’s albatross.)


@benhubel if there is anything left tomorrow could you look through it please?

Just turn it into an art exhibit for the front lobby. :wink:


Perhaps a bit of cotton type fabric pieces can be set aside for Sewing 101 Intro Class. It would be good to have a little avail for students in the class to practice with. Nothing stretchy. We pillaged from cosplay fabric bin for our recent class. Didn’t know there was any avail in that cabinet.

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I’ll check and see what’s left when I get in tonight. I was a little unclear on the status of the fabric, or we would’ve let folks use some for class.

@jrkriehn – could I possibly save about a tote’s worth for sewing classes? Beginning sew-ers tend to need something to work on.

If you have something to put it in and label accordingly, go for it. I just don’t want us to end up with boxes and boxes of ugly fabric collecting dust and taking up valuable space.

Once we get the Janome’s out the door, we can devote the top shelf or two of the cabinet to fabric for classes.

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If there is any polar fleece- like soft fabric, I could use about a square foot to sew up a case for my safety glasses. Color doesn’t matter.

I’ll look in on Thursday if there’s any fabric left at that point.


When I left tonight, there was quite a bit of fabric. Whoever donated this didn’t run much to fleece, though. There was one bright pink piece on the right of the top shelf.

Lots of stuff left!

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If you decide color -does- matter, I can probably contribute some leftover groovy purple print from making my dog a sweater. Or @Print_Witch may have large scraps from her fleece blanket commissions.

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The bright pink @dryad2b mentioned should be fine. It’s just something to stuff my safety squints into to minimize lens scratches when not in use.

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Is there any fabric left?

There is some. It’s on the top shelf of the first metal cabinet to the right of the Sewing Room door. Plus, I would share with you some of the fabric I saved for classes. That’s in a printer paper box in the Sewing Room.

@jrkriehn – sorry for being a slug and not properly marking that box yet!

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I use an orphan sock.

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If there’s ever too much, I’m more than happy to take it to SCRAP in Denton as a donation.

Cool. I will let you know if there’s any left next week. It’s only a bit, as most of the cool stuff has gone. Still, it could be Useful Someplace. And there were a couple of nifty t-shirt prints, but I’m not going to try to teach folks how to sew t-shirt knits.

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Awesome…I want it lol…

Since Cosplay was evicted, I’m guessing we can be squatters in the cabinet. @Starreyedgirl?

Yes ma’am!