Tony's Chain/Scale Maille Class News


Hey all i was finally able to schedule the next class!!! thats the good news… unfortunately all the rooms were taken on the 21st so it will be friday the 28th at 8pm in the interactive clasroom. i havent been seeing many personal projects though, so while my plan B will be E 6-1 my focus will be on trying to help one person develop a plan for a project so everyone can see how its done. (more if there is time/interest)


if anyone would like to discuss potential project ideas you are welcome to ask here or to PM me any time…


well folks sorry for the delay another class down and ive got a question to follow up on for starters. i was asked about HP 4-1 sheet which i dont know how to do so here is a link for a tutorial for that then also if i remember ill be bringing special tools for everyone to play with to my next class which is scheduled for the 19th at the makerspace at 8pm right at the moment the plan is to do european 6 in 1 but im open to suggestions


Good, also if you can look up what you use pilars use for the bigger rings that I have. Thanks


good catch thanks for the reminder i have it set aside to bring to the class today


well folks ive got our earring kits for the next class and ive already made one to show off both types of rings i got for this (pics hopefully attached below) its not the best but its enough to show you how to go about it and cheap enough that the normal recommended $2 donation should cover it what im really excited about is to see how well the butterflies turn out as our first advanced project of 2019 i got us some rings and some lapis beads for the wing captures and again it turned out fairly cheap and will also only be $2 (i have ordered the parts but they are not here yet so no pics of this one yet) unfortunately im just about to start getting ready for work so i dont have time to go into detail on ring sizes and such but ill get them up asap for both projects


Ok so due to random cosmic spite I find my computer to be largely unreliable but I am determined to get the info out there so hold tight while I try to get this done with an iPod

Unless otherwise stated all rings for this project are saw cut Bright Aluminum (BA)

First up for the serpentine earring pictured above:
-16g swg 1/2”
-16g swg 7/32”
-Twisted rings are 16g 7/32” equivalent made from twisted 20g wire with a saw cut finish the item code for this product on the TRL website is “SXAB-TWIST16732” IMPORTANT NOTE: the twisted rings ended up feeling very flimsy the ends didn’t always match up leaving unavoidable burrs and in general being strange to work with I do NOT recommend their use for both practical and aesthetic reasons however they will be available
-French hooks are recommended but not required

Additional info:
These rings are larger and thicker than we normally work with so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring heavier than normal pliers if you have them just to see the difference if nothing else aspect ratios and how I chose these rings will be discussed in class and I intend to ask attendees how they would modify this design for different ring sizes and looks additionally all listed parts for this were obtained from (TRL) so any color substitutions should be ordered from there to maintain quality as much as possible for both structural and aesthetic reasons

For the butterfly pendant class:
I haven’t recieved the supplies yet so due to small tolerances in this piece I won’t be supplying a shopping list until I can try out what I ordered and make sure it works anyone determined to jump the gun may PM me


update on the butterfly project
the stuff i originally ordered turned out to be wrong so the bad news is there has been a bit of a delay but the good news is that new parts have been ordered that should get here soon


hi all we have had another swell class!!! we made the serpentine earrings pictured above, another weave that i cant remember the name of at present (but ill look it up and get back to you in the mean time its hopefully pictured below), and discussed modifying the designs and how i chose the ring sizes and all sorts of things that the folk that didn’t attend missed. we even got to use the new tools for the first time (SQUEE!!!). I’m told it was a massive improvement and really increased the quality of the class. i also really liked how the conversation went on modification and planning and i think i will be incorporating that to future classes (so plan accordingly BAWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!). In addition, since no one was in our room when i got there, i was able to set up better than usual and do a much better visual aid. i don’t know if i will always be able to do that, but it seemed to work well. I’m gonna try and make that a more regular feature of the class but we shall see how it goes.

The next class will be a beginner class subject TBD (requests/suggestions welcome). Due to holiday scheduling, however, i cant give you as much notice as i would like for classes early in the month. To combat that i’m going to put out that the next class will be 14DEC18 at the normal time (8pm) in the purple classroom (location edited. normal place was taken.) and wont be able to confirm that until after 01DEC18. So to be clear I’m scheduling the class now but i may have to cancel if my scheduling at work does not allow it. anyways no news on this subject is good news but i will post more information as i receive it so stay tuned. i hope to see you at my next class!!! :smiley:

further edit: the pic is not attached itll have to wit until i get my home computer working apparently so stand by i guess.



some light googling has revealed that this weave is called vertebrae


HI ALL!!! ok sorry for the long absence but i finally have my new computer up and running so once again i can post updates WEWT!!!

first but of class related news is that the beginner class on the 14th will cover E 4-1 sheet and if theres time ribbon and then our normal stuff until everyone is ready to go home or someone else needs the room :stuck_out_tongue:

As always if you have any questions feel free to ask XD


holy crap tonight was AWESOME!!! i got to nerd out so much its 0200 and im still sitting here because people kept coming in to talk with me about their projects!!! (SQUEE!!!) and wow did we cover a LOT of ground tonight. so lets see if i can get the whole list out:

  • defining and explaining terms like Aspect Ratio (AR), saw/machine cut, kinged maille, and a few others
  • European 4 in 1 (E 4-1) both ribbon and sheet forms
  • Box weave both flip and stitch methods
  • mobius
  • Half Persian 4 in 1 (HP 4-1)
  • three different speed weaving techniques
  • and a partridge in a pear tree

i know im forgetting something but we covered a LOT of ground and had a LOT of new people (10 new 2 regulars tonight) it was the largest class i think i have had since my first one and i understand the armoring part of the makerspace may expand soon but i dont wanna talk out of turn so ill let them put out their own info but im so EXCITED!!! i mean i dont know if you saw all the exclamation points but heres a few more!!!justincase!!!1one111exclamation! and one of our new people even decided to adopt a surprise project item

i also got bunches of compliments on my display material (i brought a LOT of stuff tonight) so i did me an embarrass but i was finally able to squeeze my ego through the doorway XD

now for future classes the holidays are still mucking about with my work schedule so while i can say that there will definately be one class in january i can not yet say with a sufficient degree of certainty when it will be but i intend to try to do two per month until septemberish again

the next class will be the project class (better than saying advanced?) and we will be going over the bead capture butterfly pendant (supplies available for $2/kit while supplies last) but i do not have a parts list out yet because so far this has been problematic both because of tight tolerances but also due to time but ill get that out ASAP

Q: what happens if you dont get it all sorted before you post the class info?
A: in the unlikely event i cannot get the pendant into a presentable format i will have a plan B. worst case if it come to it ill bring in my chem bath and do a piece on various treatments and patinas you can perform at home ive been working on enough material for a class for a while and trying to rope the science dept into it but thus far no luck mostly because i am terrible at tracking people down.

ok its getting late and ive got new parts to go play with so if i messed up anything correct me and if i forgot anything ask me about it

still sitting here super excited about all the new faces and ground covered. it was extra-super-groovetastically-swell imho but i may have lost one or two to frustration. to that end if anyone would like to assist me with my classes i could use a helper for 1 on 1 help. i am probably jumping the gun by a lot but id love to increase the max possible size of my classes and hopefully train up a few additional instructors anyway if interested reply here or PM me as you like due to recent computer troubles im only checking this a few time a week but i am checking it and replying to everything that comes my way.


thanks for a fun late night out, Tony!


It was a pleasure to have you there and I hope to see you next time XD


apparently i accidentally PMed this as a response to someone by mistake when i meant to post it here so lets try this again:

ok folks got some bad news and some good news.
Bad news: due to some scheduling issues at work im only gonna be able to do one class in january and itll be towards the end of the month.
Good news is that i might actually have time to get a working parts list out in time for anyone interested to order parts.

as for progress on the parts list we are now officially on the third set of rings ive ordered to try and make this work if i cant make it work this time though i will have to move on to other ideas and the parts i have will move into the suprise project stuff finally the somewhat awaited patina class will take its place

Copper Patina class: for this class i will be covering safety, required materials (no parts list will be provided outside of my class*), safety, staging/prework, SAFETY, how to do it at home, SAFETY!!!, what is actually happening (SCIENCE!!!), care instructions, fun facts, useless trivia, and more. i will even be contacting the science department after i get this posted so that i can hopefully get better answers for the in depth questions at least. if i knew how to tag people or even who to tag i would probably do that here but if you happen to know feel free to do it for me if you want.

This is not normally a thing i do but because this class will in small part involve hazardous chemicals parental participation WILL be required for anyone under the age of 18. however i want to be clear this is mainly due to my own paranoia and dedication to inappropriately high safety standards. nothing in the class will be quite as awful as im sure i will make it sound. as always i am available to answer any questions.

  • this is for safety reasons i dont want to give someone all the tools but none of the safety background individual research or my class would teach.

Chemistry and copper patina interest check and help request
Chemistry and copper patina interest check and help request

Ok so here’s the latest: there is only going to be one class in January. it’s going to be 25JAN19 and I will bring limited supplies (2-5 kits) what follows will be a pic of my finished product from the supplies I have and then later when I get home I’ll schedule the class and work up the parts list


beautiful work Tony!


ok folks sorry for the wait here is the parts list and notes i promised from creating the butterfly pendant pictured above.

!! the supplier for these parts was and all rings are 18g SWG saw cut bright aluminium rings unless otherwise noted !!

3/16" X2 (hanging rings you would attach the necklace chain to)
Actual wire diameter .048", 1.22mm
Wire gauge 18 (SWG)
Actual ID inches .190"
Actual ID mm 4.83
Aspect Ratio 3.96
5/16" X10 (8 for the 8mm bead capture + 2 connecting rings)
Actual wire diameter .048", 1.22mm
Wire gauge 18 (SWG)
Actual ID inches .315"
Actual ID mm 8.02
Aspect Ratio 6.56
1/4" X9 (8 for the 6mm bead capture + 1 connecting ring)
Actual wire diameter .048", 1.22mm
Wire gauge 18 (SWG)
Actual ID inches .254"
Actual ID mm 6.45
Aspect Ratio 5.29
11/64" X2 (center ring)
Actual wire diameter .048", 1.22mm
Wire gauge 18 (SWG)
Actual ID inches .177"
Actual ID mm 4.50
Aspect Ratio 3.69

6mm spherical beads X2
8mm spherical beads X2
IF YOU BUY NATURAL STONE BEADS BUY MORE THAN YOU NEED!!! this will allow you to have a selection of relative size difference

i purchased my beads from, however, what i got varied widely due to them being natural stone apparently (Lapis Lazuli because it was cool looking and cheap) so i would not recommend them for this. as it is i had to improvise a bit to make it work. for mine (pictured above) i replaced the 1/4" connecting ring with two of the 3/16" hanging rings and in the pic you can see how they were added on the left side of the pic. this could (and probably will) become an attachment point for further chain. changing it from a pendant to a center piece if i should want to. last ring syndrome struck hard on both of the side connector rings. (you cant see them well in the pic but they join the 6 and 8mm captures on the outside edge.) then when i went to add the 1/4" connector ring the beads were just too far out of specification*

if you want to modify this parts list to accommodate other suppliers, beads or whatever: i would recommend erring in favor of rings that are too large rather than too small. if necessary a bigger bead is easier to find than new rings. (trust me on this i had to do it a time or two. :stuck_out_tongue: ) worst case a bit of balled up paper can replace a bead way better than a ring. with that said however you shouldn’t need to deviate from the parts i have listed unless you want to. you could have a shiny metal one with a nice heft if you used ball bearings instead of beads but i only tested the one set of beads that i had which again were natural stone and which had i thought about it i might have switched out for lava stones (for you aroma therapy lovers)

this is more finicky than i generally care for however i am going forward with this as a class subject because i believe it will encourage everyone to experiment in small ways and will be a good example of how small changes can affect the look of your project

finally with the 1/4" connector ring the only one missing the left and right half of the “butterfly” will move independently making it a fidget toy worth at least 5 minutes of entertainment. (or ~30 if you’re me) :3

supplies for this class will be limited but offered for the normal VOLUNTARY $2 donation for consumables with the most limited item being the lapis beads.

*this sentence holds the place for much ranting, cursing, mule headed stubbornness, and at least one projectile project…

now for the SARCE section:
Rings and detailed well organized ring info:,
inspiration pics:


That came out exquisite…love it!!!