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So some time ago (a class or two) i mentioned that i had at one point had access to a library of 3-D printer files for chainmaille. he was very interested but i was unable to find that library of files again to give him so i started looking in what little spare time i have and this is the first thing i found. it is E 4-1 and here is the link i was given to it for your perusal:

3-D printing is not something i have experience with beyond general theory but if this helps anyone in our group i will be more than happy to put you in touch with the person i got it fromā€¦ P.S. he used it to make this item for his kid who may have had issues playing in the weight of proper metal armor:

(the link was pasted here because i cant figure out how to attach a photo from my PC but credit for the pic goes to Hanibal King of the Face Book group Chain Maille)


well folks we had another swell class and learned lots of great things in our intermediate/advanced class. we started by introducing some new faces, then we discussed current projects with some show and tell, then moved onto our helm pendant (see above) during which we were photographed for posterity, and a swell time was had by all. i would like to pay particular attention though to the awesome projects i got to see tonight for example we had a wonderful bra top presented by one of our new faces done in TRLā€™s tiny scalesā€¦ thats right tiny scalesā€¦ then we got to see several kits from C&T Designs made into bracelets and a necklace (including malestrom which is a personal fave) and to top it all off i got to see some interesting new tools to add to my shopping list. now i know this has been kinda short but im a little broken at the moment so ill instead just say the next class is a beginners level class and will be on the May 25th at our regular time in our regular place and i would be very pleased to you all came again. XD


the thought occurs to me that i havent revealed much about my next class currently im planning on teaching two methods of making box weave but if there is some other topic the class would like to go over please by all means speak up (not a review class this time ive done too many of those lately in my opinion)


well folks we had a nice night with a swell bunch of new faces. we learned two different methods of doing box weave and had a few folk that decided to take me up on my surprise project material offerā€¦ honestly im quite excited about the prospectā€¦ our next class will be covering again advanced/intermediate topics and ill be answering questions on personal projectsā€¦ if however no one has any questions ill be teaching how to make chain/scale maille flowers in the style of but not following the tutorial of

EDIT: fixed the original post cuz it bugged me thanx jast XD


Correct url for convenience:


i have no set date yet for the june classes however here is what i can tell you for now:
the dates im shooting for are 08JUN18 for the advanced class and 22JUN18 for the beginnerā€™s class and as always ill post again when i submit those events to the DMS calendar

for the advanced class after all the project talk is done ill be teaching the double layer scale flowers im going to go into detail on in a bit and for the next beginnerā€™s class im still looking for suggestions but it will likely be about E 4-1 in both ribbon and sheet forms

Stats for flower supplies sourced from TRL:

1 double layer flower =
5 large scales of any color
5 small scales of any color
10 saw cut aluminium 16g 3/8" rings
5 saw cut aluminium 19g 5/32" rings
11 saw cut aluminium 18g 1/4" rings (if you are buying colored rings i recommend 10 in this size of one color and 1 of another color)

also just to be clear i will NOT be teaching from TRLā€™s tutorial for these flowers however if you would like to support the original designer and see a different method for making these you can find the original tutorial here and you are looking for ā€œScale Flower Instructionsā€ theres even a video

if you dont want to go through the trouble of finding all the individual rings nā€™things on their site you may go here to purchase the kit only with no instructions included (they make a point of saying that on this page so i thought id pass it on) however i will say that if you do buy the kits that the triple layer flower has different size rings in it and requires a different set of steps so be careful and if you decide to go buy individual parts remember that the polycarbonate scales that TRL sells are a different thickness and will lead to more struggling when you try to make thisā€¦ so again be carefulā€¦ you have been warned BWAHAHAhAhAhAHAHAHAHAHAhahahHAQHAhahahhahHAHAHAA!!!

finally to avoid charging for the class (something im resisting very hard) i will be supplying any extra parts/supplies i happen to have lying around this means it is highly unlikely the flowers you make from these materials will be pretty to look at and that its a first come first served while supplies last kinda thing that said they will be the correct amount and sizes of everything you need to make one of these double layer flowers

(yea i see you looking for a source credit but there isnt one cuz these are my pics i took myself of my own work so there :p)


What material is used for the scales and what is suitable? We may be able to make them on the lasers.


so you want to know what scales are normally made of and what they can be made of?

so first the short answer in the form of a list of metals commonly used to make commercially available scales:
copper <-- good for aged pieces and/or fun with chemicals very unique apearance
gold <-- prettyā€¦ and expensiveā€¦
silver <-- extra super shiny but also expensive
aluminium <-- most common, lots of colors, very light and strong and cheap
titanium <-- expensive but VERY strong and has many interesting and exotic colors
steel <-- closest to authentic material corrodes quickly but cheapish
stainless steel <-- corrosion resistant strong and can be very shiny
galvanized steel <-- moderately corrosion resistant, very strong, pretty heavy, reasonably cheap
niobium <-- expensive as sin strong as hell pretty colors with a quality usually better than titanium

now the long answer with all the extra info that i can think of that might be even remotely helpful.

the scales i most commonly use are made of aluminium, however, the material used should be chosen based on your application. as an example if i wanted to make something like a weight vest i might use steel scales instead of aluminium for added weight or if i was making a costume piece i might use aluminium instead of gold or silver for cost or relative strength. any material that will hold up to the stress you designed your piece to withstand is suitable so i could just as easily ask the fired arts bunch to make them out of clay for these flowers but using paper or playdough would probably be a bad idea.

the method i have seen used most frequently is to start with a large flat sheet of metal and feed it into a press that will cut and shape your scales in one easy move the extra material is then recycled much in the same way extra cookie dough could be used to make more cookiesā€¦

ok here is the crazy part: shape doesnt matter a whole bunchā€¦ thats right i said itā€¦ the only type i have used are the type pictured above for the flowers they have a kind of leaf shape with a single large hole at one end and a concave and convex side. that is NOT the only option!!! some examples are TRLā€™s shield type scales which are flat scales with a square top (usually hidden by the rest of the weave) with two holes one in each corner and it comes to a gradual point and looks a bit like a shield or there are rond or fully square scales with four holes either at the corners or 90 degrees apart. its seriously only limited by your imagination and what you think you can do with it id put up some pictures but i dont want to fill this up with pics

finally the burning question: CAN WE MAKE THEM AT DMS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
yes absolutely there are a great many designs and materials and methods to choose from and if anyone would like help accomplishing this im totally down :stuck_out_tongue:

would i use them for my proposed class on making scale flowers?
probably not the design ill be teaching is somewhat specific.

can you use then for my proposed class on making scale flowers?
absolutely i have no problems helping you work with any materials you want to bringā€¦ however commaā€¦ while i ABSOLUTELY encourage experimentation and elaboration in this instance a differently shaped or sized scale could change the flowers in ways that would be difficult to predict, plan for, or even use at all. so i would recommend learning with these scales and then modifying/experimenting/elaborating on the design after

do i want to see what folk can come up with to make and use at the maker space?
HECK YEA!!!1111!!!exclamationpointone!!! my intermediate/advanced class is all about making the projects you want to see happen!!! the priority of every single one of those classes is any project the attendees want to work on and might want help or advice on the only reason i have things like the pendant from the last class or the flowers in the next one is in case no one needs help or has a project of their own its just a bigā€™ol plan B if you want to try and use cookie cutters and poptarts or a chainsaw and silly string i will happily offer advice and watch you make a mess heck if it looks fun i might even join you

wow looking at it now after re-reading it a time or two this is really longā€¦ i feel like such a nerdā€¦ ITS GREAT!!! anyway i hope this answered your question if it did not then please let me know XD


now than im not cluttering up my answer ill go ahead and post some pics of variations i have made on the flower design


I did not know those were metal. I thought they were plastic.


well in the second pic down the small blue scales that are sitting on the larger laser etched scales are poly-carbonate as are the yellowish ones (glow in the dark) on the far right all the rest are one kind of metal or another


not gonna lie super excited i had questions to answer makes me think im doing a decent job getting people hooked on my hobby :stuck_out_tongue: keep em comin folks!!!


ok all i have submitted the classes for june. Unfortunately scheduling is going to be a bit weird this month meaning the intermediate/advanced class will be on the 15th in the purple classroom and the next beginner class being on the 22nd in the interactive classroomā€¦ or at least thats how i submitted itā€¦ as always i shall post any changes or updates here.

oh yea almost forgot for the next advanced class after all the project stuff the plan B are the flowers discussed above and for the beginner class on the 22nd its going to be E4-1 sheet and ribbon.


due to circumstances beyond my control i was unable to make it to my class further due to the last minute nature of the problem i was unable to inform anyone in time. i would like to offer my most sincere apologies as the instructor for this class and the one that scheduled it i absolutely should have been there and i was not the reason doesnt matter and for the people who showed up it is your time that i wasted. i would like to host this class at my home on sunday 17JUN18 if i can to make up for it. if anyone is interested simply PM me for the address and time.

again i want to apologize for this your time is valuable and willingly or not i did waste it. that is unacceptable and i will be taking corrective action against future occurrences.


We are happy that you are OK.


ok finally and at long last i have my next two classes scheduled the advanced class on july 6th and the beginner class on july 19th the one on the 19th is a thursday so please be aware of that. the advanced class will cover the flowers we didnt get to last time and the beginnerā€™s class will be the box weave flip method then the stitch method and if there is time alligator back after that


Iā€™m interested in the flowers but canā€™t make that date, so hope you do it again


You can put it in your google drive and them make a public link to it


yup that actually works quite well and here is your link XD


Happy that you are ok. When I have left MS that night saw the backup on FW. PS I got flower supplies for one layer and two layers from TRL. Planning on doing the class july 6.