Tony's Chain/Scale Maille Class News


Tours can be a boon and a bane. Some tour guides will want to respect your class and not disturb the learning that should be going on, others will barge right in. Thursdays do tend to have a lot of classes scheduled already.


i always welcome folk barging in so long as they arent disruptive i would be more concerned that due to my schedule (i work nights so my classes usually start at 8pm) my regulars wouldnt be able to attend or that i would miss the tour anyway.


Thanks for the class! The whole family had fun learning the “Bee Sting” and “Mobius”. 1st timers. Now to order rings.

My 1st attempt.



it was nice having you always good to see new folks especially first timers cuz then i get to get new people hooked on my hobby. :stuck_out_tongue:

the rings used in the class are from and are 16g 5/16 bright aluminium machine cut rings

hope to see you again in February!! :slight_smile: )


UPDATE!!! well the holidays are over and new classes are getting close. i had hoped to have them scheduled by now but recent events are making it a bit harder to schedule things. Anywho i should have the first class scheduled by FEB 4th and it will happen late in the month. going forward i will be alternating classes between the beginners classes you are all used to and advanced classes.

well folks im running a bit late for work so i will have to post more later XD

EDIT: looks like due to time constraints i will be doing one class a month for now alternating beginner and more advanced classes. the advanced classes will be primarily centered around weaves and techniques to accomplish and improve your own projects in the event that none of the attendees have projects of their own i will be discussing my projects (what im doing, how im doing it, problems ive encountered, etc.) my course descriptions will let you know which classes are which


HI ALL!!! FINALLY i have scheduled the next class. it will be on Thursday 22FEB2018 at our usual 8PM. this will allow us to see the last of the DMS tours and try out this idea of more actively encouraging visitors and observers. my advanced classes will still be held on fridays so i can hopefully catch more people. Per request this first class of this year will be a review of basic terminology, skills, and classes from last year before i get into my advanced classes next month. with that said however my previous class was very similar so if none of you have any questions i will be showing off my very very very nearly completed outfit with pics of it on the model. further i will discuss my new project and how i go about planning and designing my projects.

i hope to see you all there and i cant wait to see the projects i know some of you have been working on!!!


Squirrel of judgement


Sorry if this has been mentioned but I couldn’t find it anywhere. What tools and supplies would you suggest a beginner bring to class?


well no worries because even if it was mentioned i dont remember and i wouldnt mind saying it again if i did. to start with for any of my beginner classes you need to bring noting but yourself. i supply tools from the jewelry dept. and rings i purchase myself with donations from the class and my own money. my advanced classes that im starting this year likely wont require anything either but if they do it will be covered in the specific class description.

with that said if you would like to bring your own stuff ill lay out some minimalistic recommendations with the understanding that there is no wrong way to accomplish your objectives. if you think you wanna make chainmaille with a hammer, silly string and a circular saw i will happily put up with the noise and mess to see what interesting methods and results you come up with.

Basic classes:

  • Bent nose pliars (i use xeruons obtained here for 15.65USD)
  • a straight nose set of pliars (there are several types but i use xuron tweezernose pliars obtained here for 14.50USD)
  • Bright or Anodized Aluminium (BA/AA) rings with an aspect ratio (AR) of 5.2 obtained here (i supply bright aluminium, machine cut, 16g swg 5/16" rings [BA16516] for free with a recommended $2 donation for consumables and anodized aluminium machine and saw cut rings of the same size for a $2/bag charge when i have them)
  • inspiration and interest (this largely must be supplied by you however here is a good outside influence XD
  • additional optional accessories are things like portable chainmaille work tables, gloves, tape, and paperclips for various reasons i dont use those myself but i am more than happy to discuss them if you would like.

Advanced classes (its possibly more accurate to say intermediate classes but im including this just for the folk who are too shy to ask so you could skip to the end if you want):

  • Tools you are comfortable working with (feel free to PM for advice or recommendations)
  • Rings as described above or in the specific class description in any material you want to work in (available if unprovided options include but are not limited to copper(Cu), titanium(Ti), Niobium(Ni), stainless steel (Stainless), Gold(Au),Sterling silver (SS), Silver fill (Sf), Argentium Silver (AS), EPDM, plastic, and jewelers brass(JB) and may require different tools to work with)
  • Any project you are currently working on
  • inspiration (again described above :stuck_out_tongue: )

thank you for asking and thank you for your time did this answer your question or did i just spew way too much info at you?


That was a perfect answer, and thank you for all the information!

I went ahead and ordered the tools you suggested above. I haven’t worked with chain mail since I was in high school, and then it was with handmade rings and what ever needle-nosed pliers I would find. Look forward to the class!


Well folks another class has been successfully completed and we had some swell things up on your show and tell table. we covered some basics and relearned HP4-1, E4-1, and discussed J 6-1. The thing that excited me the most personally was the projects i got to see and the questions i got to answer! i went in depth on cold working and brittle fracture with one attendee, bare basics of scale maille with another, and what weaves were best for a costume or two with yet more attendees.

Anyhow, i have already scheduled the next class on 09MAR18 so keep an eye out for it in the calendar. its going to be our first intermediate/advanced class!!! WEWT!!! so bring your ideas, projects, and mystery things you made but are not quite sure what to do with and lets see what wackyness ensues. :stuck_out_tongue:


So im settin gup for tonights class and it occurs to me that the top of this thread is WAY up there so i thought id pop in and plug this list of useful links again. also i would like to give credit for the compilation of this list to a facebook group that goes by the name of “Chain Maille” i highly recommend joining that group and seeing all the swell stuff they get up to but an account is not required to see the list.


I hear great things about your class, Folks really enjoy it


Thank you!!! i know i really enjoy it XD


a little late but as promised here is a link to a very brief bit of instruction on how to resurface your tools once they start to slip i would recommend using this sparingly


Well folks we had another swell class this time we went over closure basics, AR, mobius, E4-1 ribbon and sheet, and some of the class learned more about japanese weaves and helm pendants. i was also asked some really good questions about period correct maille and im gonna have to do a bit more reasearch i think on that topic :stuck_out_tongue: in addition there was a large supply of suprise project pieces on offer today including some pendants, finished maille, and connectors/clasps/locks. Linda Dallas picked up some hematite connectors. i believe she is making a japanese 6-1 bracelet and i for one am excited to see the finished product.

Now for news on my next class:
Q: Who?
A: anyone again no experience is required to atttend however it is recommended as i will not be spending as much time on basics like ring closing techniques
Q: What?
A: as always we will be discussing projects but if theres time and interest we will most likely cover helm pendants
Q: When?
A: mid to late april but it will be on a friday. unfortunately i am unable to do two classes in april. I will post specific dates as soon as i am able.
Q: Where?
A: interactive classroom
Q: Why?
A: Beacuse i can and there is very little you can do about it :stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunately due to the fact that i do not have two consecutive days off this month i will be unable to schedule a class in April however i have been able to schedule the May classes they will be held on the 11th and the 25th in our normal place at our normal time.


Hey all i have some further good news i just ordered the rings for the helm weave pendant John K recommended last time (pictured below) so the topic of my advanced class on 11MAY once we have finished discussing projects will be that.

(credit for this pic goes to GG1220 and

Edit: here is a list of the rings i ordered for the class so you can order alternatives or not as you like

  • AA 16ga 5/16 Saw Cut Bright Silver
  • Square AA 1.6mm 5/16 Saw Cut Bright Silver
  • AA 18ga 3/16 Saw Cut Sky Blue
  • Square AA 0.048 1.2mm 3/16 Saw Cut Royal Blue
  • Square AA 0.048 1.2mm 3/16 Saw Cut Sky Blue


UPDATE: the class on May11th will be held in the purple classroom due to the monthly member meeting however i only just realized that that class didnt get posted so i also only just got the new submission in.


out of curiosity has anyone tried this for themselves yet?