Tony's Chain/Scale Maille Class News


Thanks. You are very kind and made me feel better. I am pretty new at chainmaille. Went to a bead retreat in Temple, took one class and knew I wanted to do it. That’s why I am so stoked to be able to take classes here.


and soon you will start to teach folk chain maille then those folks will teach folks that will go on to teach and then well take over the makers space and then those folk will take over the WORLD!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I will bring the pattern for you to check it. Tend to bite off more than I can chew.
If it’s too much, I can start with what you recommend.
Love your idea of sharing parts we can put in projects. That sounds like fun! I would love to incorporate wire wrap and beads…


Ok if that worked correctly above you should see a pic of the two demonstration pieces I have just finished for the class on the 15th. This class I’m going to try to teach two different methods of making the same chain. since that is likely to make it difficult to make it along with the class and given the earlier discussion on pics I thought I might try this to see how it goes. These are the same 16g 5/16 bright aluminum rings I have been bringing to share with the classes. Also yes as the pic implies if you wanna get a head start on the class you can bring a section of E4-1 ribbon to class if you like.


looks like the next time I have available to host the mailing group event will be THURSDAY 28SEP17. As that’s kinda short notice and my only day off in a two week period I am a bit reluctant to schedule that. at least not unless there are a minimum of 4 people that wanna do it and will let me know by tonight. also up for debate is location. I could set it up at the makerspace or if everyone likes the idea I am considering hosting it out of my house and ordering pizza and getting beer then I have a decent flatscreen we can sit around and heckle something with armor in it maybe flash Gordon or lord of the rings. anyway I have to get back to work so let me know what you think and ill check back this evening before I leave for work and schedule or not schedule.


oh almost forgot news from the last class!!! I think it went extra swell we had a nice show and tell section of the class that seems to be growing nicely, everyone learned at least one way of making box weave, we started up the surprise project system(more on that below), and started talking about the mailing group event I just mentioned above. I did forget to ask what folks wanted to see in the next class though so feel free to let my know your thoughts.


Show and tell:
bring anything you have made from keychains to super involved inlays and tell us a bit about it and let us ogle the shiny things last class I got to see a set of earrings with a matching bracelet, the beginnings of a flag inlay, a collection of seed pieces from previous classes, and a few other extra swell things that im super excited about

Surprise project system:
going forward I will bring some item to the class and anyone who feels brave or adventurous enough may have it for free. you use it in a project of your choosing and show it off to the class during our show and tell bit. no time limit or further requirements. this last class I handed out some copper scales that I had previously added a patina to and some shiny stone bead connector thingies I cant recall the name of just now. To find out what goodies I will have for you next you will just have to attend a class and find out. XD

Colored rings
due to repeated requests i will be ordering colored rings!!! they will most likely require a small additional cost but im seeing what i can do to keep costs down so no worries. also i am considering getting some saw cut rings to promote good closures.

now I really have to get back to work because my boss seems not to believe that I could be this involved in anything work related and has stopped accepting “just a minute”.


The next class has been scheduled!!! it will be on FRIDAY 06OCT17 at 2000 (8pm) we will be learning a unit piece this time called mobius (pics to follow soon). This will be an excellent opportunity for everyone to work on their ring handling technique (opening, closing, and fixing). previously we have done sheet and chine style weaves a unit differs in that it is a single piece that can be considered complete on its own. this particular unit is great for embellishments, earrings, key chains, attachment points/pendants for necklace chains, clasps, and more.

in addition i will have an announcement or two you wont want to miss… XD


Here are the pics as promised those of you who have attended a few of my classes may recognize the materials used as galvanized steel rings. This is because these are old pictures of some of my first projects. I will post better pics tonight when I get to work and make a few using the rings I will provide for the class.


Here are some new pics using the rings I usually bring for the class.


Just checked the next class is officially scheduled on the events calendar!!!


Nice to know, that it is posted for Fri Oct 6 2017 at 7pm. I will not be able to be their. Hope it is a good as the other times. Hope to be at the one in Nov.


not that i am opposed to showing up early (i am usually about 30min early) but FRIDAY 06OCT17 at 2000 (8pm) is the correct time and date for the next class. i may have a second event this month it depends on what everyone wants if its a normal class, one of the project group events, or even happens at all.

gotta run to work now though so bye XD


if ever anyone misses one of my classes and wishes to study the material on their own i am more than happy to find you material to look at so feel free to PM and after you have reviewed the material you can simply ask me any questions you may have remaining

this time i have already collected a couple decent vids for another regular that will be unable to attend and this is what i gave her:

this one is pretty decent and will give you tips on at least one application. they give ring sizes but i want to point out that you do not need special rings for this. any size will work. it is the Aspect Ratio (AR) of the ring that determines the maximum number of rings per unit. i dont like her technique with the pliers or her explanation of opening and closing rings but then she is trying to do it for a camera.

this one has a CGI accompaniment but towards the end the CGI person messed up and their mobius starts becoming a tangle

some important notes:

  1. ensure all rings pass through the center in the same direction
  2. always ensure you have closed and “nested” the previous ring correctly before moving onto the next
    3.closures are SUPER important for this unit
    4.this can be done with a few as 3 rings or as many as you want the deciding factor is the AR of the rings you are using
  3. when using multiple mobius units in a project i find it best to ensure they have the same number of rings and also pay attention to your orientation or direction of spin however you want to think about it it will save you much rework


sooooo there was less than stellar attendance this time around buti already have the date for the next class (details to come soon) so short notice should be an issue for the next one is there anything else i might do to improve the class?


27 OCT 17 in the interactive classroom starting at 8pm topic: Mobius Unit
10 NOV 17 in the interactive classroom starting at 8pm topic: TBD
08 DEC 17 in the interactive classroom starting at 8pm topic: TBD

if anyone is interested in doing the mailing circle i am available to host it at my home or at the makers space on the following days
20 OCT
03 NOV
17 NOV
15 DEC
22 DEC


i was just pointed at this website/group i dont meet the requirements myself but at least one person i know of does so i thought id post it for everyone


The topic of the 10NOV class will be this deceptively simple weave called “Bee Stings” I will also be covering anything I have taught previously on request


Sorry it took me so long to post again just wanted to say we had a great class last time and our first return on a surprise project!!! Through poking and prodding the weave i taught we figured out a MUCH easier way of weaving it. we also covered some past classes, discussed projects, had some fun with show and tell, and learned a bit about closures and aspect ratios.

For my last class of this year on 08DEC our topic will be review of all previous classes and an into to more complicated subjects

please feel free to post questions, requests, and recommendations. XD


my most sincere apologies however due to end of year stuff and some house hunting i am doing i will be unable to teach a class in JAN of 2018. classes should resume in FEB of 2018. i will of course post further information as it becomes available to me. in the mean time i am always available through this thread to answer any question you may have concerning chain/scale maille.and i would love to see progress pics of the various projects i have already been contacted about in private.


Considering moving the classes in the new year to Thursdays so we can be part of tour night. anyone have any thoughts on this?