Tony's Chain/Scale Maille Class News


Hi all!!! im moving this thread from the interest check section because i think we can agree that interest has been well and thoroughly established. Thank you all for your support!!!

The purpose of this thread will be to announce news, discuss topics for, and answer questions related to the classes i will be teaching at the maker space. That said if you want to discuss individual projects i won’t complain and in fact will be insanely stoked!!!

To get things started off i would like to list some helpful links compiled by a group on Facebook called “Chain Maille”: If anyone has a convenient way of hosting a file so it doesn’t require logging into facespace please let me know.

Chainmaille class
Interest in an August Chainmail class?
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For the first bit of news the next class will be on 25AUG2017 and we will be covering Half Persian 3-1, its applications, and the alligator back weave again. further i will attempt to get everyone started on their own project of their choosing so bring your pieces from previous classes and and project you happen to be working on and lets have a good time :smiley:


Hosting a file…maybe Dropbox would work for this? Then just share link


Or make a folder on the M drive you have? Possibly even in the committee folder


and this will host the file so i can link it on here?


ok all so we had i think a pretty decent class this time but we did have a few folks bow out before we could discuss personal projects and the subject of the next class. i was thinking box weave for next time its a lot easier to start and works well in wallet chains, straps for purses and pouches, and key chains. the bonus objective if there is time will be splitting the chain. any thoughts comments or concerns?

Also i would like attendees to come with an idea for a personal project they would like to work on i will stay as long as it takes to see that all project ideas are heard and discussed. These ideas will influence future classes and reinforce the building blocks im teaching. For example if you want to make you DMS key fob into a keychain i can do another class on captures, if you want to work in scale i can do a set of courses on that, or clothing and costumes i can teach different approaches to clasps, closures, and joints.

Finally it has come to my attention that someone made a thread or website or something for my classes but that about sums up everything i know on the subject anyone know anything about this?


How about a scheduled monthly maille knitting circle? Doesn’t always need to be a full on formal class.

I’m usually knitting up at the space Wednesday nights during the philosophy meet up, but this isn’t really the venue to help someone else out with a weave.

Just weaving chainmail, possibly some show & tell, trading patterns, supply sources, tool sources and so on.

Anyone interested in that?


I would like to get enough people started and properly interested in the subject that something like this would be possible. as for doing it while something else is going on usually I have tv going to take up the remainder of my attention. so perhaps a movie night sorta thing where we pick movies with maille in them and heckle? …if you are looking for dates to schedule on though I work nights and my days off are thurs and fri :stuck_out_tongue:

that said it is the classes I am focused on I want to give folks the knowledge they need to really get into mailing. the project thing is to encourage them to use that knowledge in a project they will be motivated to finish since they picked it, and give them a goal to work towards so that the repetitive tasks required for practice and experience don’t seem dull. besides at this point I think they might like to come away from a class with something other than seed pieces of chain. it is my hope that by doing show and tell and side projects in the classes that folks will be inspired to start on their own creations.


Books on tape / CD are great for this in my experience and yeah - I do the TV thing too when I’m knitting chainmail by myself.

Consider the possibility that a social setting is a good segway into a class for those who don’t yet have enough of an interest to join a full on class. :smile:

If we do get a monthly meet-up scheduled we might alternate between a week night and a Sunday morning to reach a wide audience with differing timeframes.


my classes are usually the last Friday of the month. maybe I could do a mid month Thursday meet up if there is any interest beyond myself? not sure id want to host all the time though and it wouldn’t ever be on the weekend or in the daytime if I did due to work… perhaps one of you daywalkers would like to volunteer? >:}


The next class has been submitted to the calendar and due to a crowded work schedule this coming month its going to be earlier than usual (Fri 15SEP17 at the regular time) and as of right now the plan is to teach box weave and to discuss personal projects


So here is what I made after I finally figured out weave. A mini project…


half persian - that weave is evil and I have to make a piece soon… :slight_smile:


Totally wicked, I agree. Took me 3 days and several youtube videos to figure it out. And this is after Tony taught us how to do it. I can be a slow learner, but persistent.
The Ring Lord has the best photos for me to make the final ahha.
What are you going to make with it?


that looks great! I especially like the colors and the bead on the bottom of the earrings XD


if you look on there are many articles, tutorials, and galleries with detailed pictures if that helps you any

also I had considered having classes in the lecture hall so I could put pictures on the projector of the weave to be taught that evening but it seemed too minor a reason to book so useful a room. if folk think it would be beneficial though I could try it in next months class…


Thanks. I think I found a project. It’s a scale mail necklace. In bead and button mag. Very tiny.
Will need tweezers to assemble it? I will bring the pattern at next class before I order parts. Some rings from C and T and more rings from TRL along with tiny frost scales from TRL.
Maybe a good way to get my feet wet with the scales?


That’s a good idea Tony. And it might work. You are a good teacher and go around the room to make sure everyone is understanding. I really like that. And you are fast to figure what everyone is doing and who needs help. That is an amazing talent. So for you it may not be necessary for the projector.
However, the pictures would help us all keep same pace and together…
My brain was just not getting it that night.
Sometimes my brain needs to sleep on it and then I get a 'reset. Happens when I wirework also. Sometimes I put down a project for days. When i forget it and sleep about it, I get new and better ideas…takes me awhile to learn, but once I get it, I am good.


be careful how you mix rings like that colors and inner diameter (ID) tolerances can change between suppliers due to varying manufacturing processes

myself i started with TRL’s scale flowers and then moved onto their scale top. i can’t wait to see your necklace XD

i was also thinking i might bring parts and challenge attendees to take them home and incorporate them into something as another way to try and encourage personal projects but im not sure how to go about it yet i might bring them to the classes or the malleing circle thing i intend to start next month (schedule permitting)


I’ve been doing chainmail since the mid 1980’s - millions of rings - and I have trouble with half persian… :slight_smile: