Tonight's project: Find that FPGA pin!


I came across a PCI card in the trash pile, and it turns out to have a nice FPGA (XCS1000) and a nice CPLD (XC95144XL) on it, with the FPGA handling the PCI interface. Having never done PCI bus stuff, I tore into it, finding the JTAG pins for programming both of those devices. The FPGA is actually loaded from a SPI memory, but for the sake of this experimentation, all I need right now is to load a new bitstream into the FPGA proper.

Now begins the tedious process of finding out which pin (ball, in this case) is hooked to what.


So what do you think the card was used for?


Looks like a one or ten gigabit optical card… or fiber storage card… minus the top interface board.


Close, but no cigar! It is a T1/E1 card from Sangoma, and it is missing the daughter board which has the actual jacks on it. I plan to re-use those connectors for an interface of my own making. Mwhahahahaha.