Toastmasters - Public Speaking Practice - Wed. Night

Hello. I’ve been a member of DMS for three months. However, I’ve been visiting off and on for years.

This is my cordial invite for you to attend Toastmasters held every Wednesday evening from 7pm - 8pm. That’s right, it’s only an hour. The meeting is conducted the same way as all official clubs have been for the last 80 years. We’ve been endorsed by DMS cofounder @dougemes, who regularly attends.

Why attend?
Toastmasters allows you to get the public speaking practice you need in a supportive environment to teach your craft to more people.

Here is the calendar listing to register.

You don’t have to register, you can just show up!

About Toastmasters
Toastmasters International is a US headquartered nonprofit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of promoting communication and public speaking skills.

Toastmasters International uses a local club-based structure, each having around 20–40 members. Meetings are held every week or other week and usually in the evening, although some clubs meet in the morning or afternoon.

Each club operates as a separate entity with a set of requirements leading to chartered status for them to be recognized as official Toastmasters clubs. Chartered status allows for clubs to use the names, promotional material and program.

About the Leaders
This 5th meeting is to start signing up members. From the first, second, third, and fourth meeting, we already know there is some interest. We will be conducting a regular meeting and will start on time.

I am a Makerspace member and President of the Thumbs Up Toastmasters Club of Irving/Las Colinas - #1415 | District 25

Some makers have much to share, but lack of public speaking experience may be holding back would-be instructors of craft. We’d like to solve that problem.

This club will meet once a week for one hour. There are officer positions available (must be nominated and voted on by official members) .


I will be this Wednesday’s Toastmaster of the Day, for better or worse. Come and join the fun


During my career, I struggled with speaking and had to do a lot of presentations and training. Over the decades, I was a member of four or five clubs and stayed around long enough to be president of two including Executive Toastmasters. I greatly encourage everyone to consider this.

Folks often think that a group with a name like Toastmasters is a bunch of professional speakers. That is totally wrong. Clubs I have been around generally have a few very experienced speakers but many who are working to improve their skills and have a way to go.

@dougemes as Toastmaster of the Day!!! What can I say? I’m sure its going to be a blast!


You’re absolutely right! Eight months ago I was speaking extremely fast without much vocal variety. Today, dozens of prepared and improv speeches later, now I’m the President of two clubs. One club has 25 members.

Toastmasters is a long-standing organization for those that need the practice. It’s exposure therapy. In some ways, it’s actual therapy since you’ll be welcomed to speak about yourself on many occasions. It has helped me in so many ways!

If you’re passionate about your craft, but need a little help conveying it to others, this is for you. If you’re alright with speaking, but have too many “uhs, umms, ya knows” Toastmasters has a solution for that as well. We use a bell! It’s great for becoming more self-aware in instructing your sessions.

Neil Lemons
Acting President



Please consider joining this sig. With your permission I’ll add you to the wiki, no lifting involved :slight_smile:


Doug, OK if you promise no lifting. I thought I was lazy before I retired!


Only lifting of spirits with applause! I’ve heard those only weigh 21 grams though. : )

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Sure wish I had the time. I would love to better my public speaking skills.

We’ll be there every week, rain or shine. Poke your head in anytime. There are improv speeches (called Table Topics) that only last a minute. You don’t have to be a TM member to participate. If you can’t stay the full hour, come by sometime for that. Hope to see you in the future.

I hope to participate in the future, but will not be available for this Wednesday’s meeting.


We look forward to meeting you @Adam_Oas when you’re able to attend. Thanks.