Titan vinyl/ screen printing

Anyone available for a titan vinyl tutorial during the week in the evening and also looking to take the silk screening class

The Titan is currently broken. We should have the part soon, but for now the only option is the Silhouette Cameo

Thanks. I have a silhouette great machine will keep checking back

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Can you remind me what the issue is with the biggest cutter? No software?

Its a commercial machine with very unfriendly software. It doesnt take ai or svg files easily, dxf at best. But it does cut fast and quietly.

I will get a few vinyl users acquainted with it when i can find time.

The replacement part is in for the Titan, i plan to get that back working this weekend.

Please let me know when you have it up and running and have time. I would be willing to teach classes on that, and the silhouette if need be

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Awesome, will do thanks!