TIG welding stainless


Does DMS metal shop have stainless rods on hand? I’m thinking probably not. Anybody know of a supplier who is open saturdays that might carry them?

Also, thanks for the orientation last Saturday. was good to meet y’all and help clean up.

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We’ve got a few oz of 302 stainless rod that someone donated and I’ve been holding back for a class on stainless TIG. If you’re willing to replace it with a similar 300 series you can use it.

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Metroplex is open in the morning.

Last I checked we had some stainless; want to say it was 302 or 304 filler, but i’m uncertain and haven’t looked in a while.

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Internets said I needed ER308. Might head to Metroplex in the morn and grab some.

The stainless I’m using is magnetic, will that make difference choosing a filler rod?

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If it’s something critical? Follow the book.

Not critical? Just need it to not rust? Eh, stainless is stainless IMO.

Really depends. I’d say if you’re worried enough to look it up somewhere might as well trust and follow that guidance. I probably would just weld it up, but I’m not a professional so that limits what I’m willing to weld in the first place.

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Thanks er’body.



Well? Did you buy SS from metroplex? What did you buy? Did you weld the 308? If so did you use a backing gas? Did the weld sugar? How’d it go? Pics?



Good or bad, I’d love to see it.