Tig Welding Introduction

I am new to the Makerspace and I have an interest in learning how to do some TIG welding. Would anybody be able to help me out with this?


Ryan Bailey

That’s going to be a hard one sadly. I think right now, I’m the only TIG instructor that regularly taught before COVID. I’m not teaching classes as I feel it would be pretty difficult to do so safely (not a dig at DMS, but more of my personal risk profile and how close you need to get to someone to teach TIG correctly).

You might have some luck with @hon1nbo who is the metal shop chair doing a 1:1 or possibly showing up and helping at a metal shop commitee meeting. The gentleman’s agreement is, you show up and help clean for the 5 hours or so and they make sure you get signed off on whatever you wanted to learn to use somehow during that time/day.

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Well thanks for the quick reply, and I totally understand where you’re coming from.
@hon1nbo Do you think you would be able to do a 1 on 1 with me?

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Have you ever welded before? I can teach you to be safe, but sadly I’m pretty shoddy at TIG so whilst I could sign you off for safety I expect you’ll be seeking guidance on better technique on youtube and elsewhere.

My 1:1 time is limited, but if I can find some it will be mid next week. The metal show meeting is likely your best bet at the moment. The first Saturday of every month starting at Noon.


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It will be a whole new learning process for me. I planned on learning with youtube and practice.
And I saw the Saturday meeting, unfortunately the first Saturday of October is my sisters birthday and I will be out of town. If you could find some free time mid next week when would it be?


I can teach you the basics of TIG, but I’ve got my own rig at the house and I’ve not been signed off on TIG at the space. Maybe the fastest path to resolution is for me to get a safety sign off on tig, then some 1 on 1 training time with you. I’m fairly stacked up with my day job, but may be able to squeeze in some time. Let me see when I might be able to get someone to sign off on tig access.

Have you had the hot processes safety class yet?

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@jottwell that sounds great!
I have not had the hot processes safety class, is that online by any chance? I have only been a member here for about a week so still figuring everything out.

the class can be done online and I encourage it. I’m not sure when the next one outside the committee meeting will be. I’ve got a lot of teaching requests in the schedule openings I have next week for items there are even fewer teachers for, so I’m unsure when I’ll be able to throw one up.

@dryad2b got a hot process class coming up at all? @malcolmputer any way I can actually convince you to teach one since it’s remote learning capable?

Hot Process is coming up Sunday 10/4 (day after the meeting) at 3pm, with 1 3 person MIG class to follow at 5pm.

I think I put that up yesterday, so it’s still 2 days or so before it shows up…

I’ll probably have you show me how to turn on the TIG machine after the Metal Shop meeting, and I’ll start practicing that some. What the Train-the-Trainers taught me about TIG is that I need a lot of practice to be able to effectively show folks how to do it.

Yeah. I posted the class to the calendar 21 hours ago…

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I’m not sure if I am doing something wrong, but most of the courses I have tried to enroll on the online version say I cannot enroll myself in this course.


Right now the only course setup on Moodle is the 3d printers.
We need to rebuild Moodle before we push more stuff to it

Oh so I cannot do the training online? Or is there a different location?

Online training will be done at the teachers discretion, and when it is typically it’s done through Google Meet.

Simpler items that aren’t likely to get someone hurt may have self-training available, we’re still working towards that for more than the printers and grinders.