TIG consumables


I took the TIG classes over the weekend and Malcolm mentioned a kit you can order with cups and other fittings for the TIG torch. I can’t remember what type of torch it is. Some kind of number/letter code that corresponds with the internals of the torch? I’m going to pick up a couple items and I want to make sure I get the right stuff. I’d order the kit online but this project has a dead line of tuesday night so I plan on going to Metroplex tomorrow to get what I need. Can anyone advise?


It’s a 17 :blankspace:


Prominently displayed on the wiki welders page, too…


Weldmonger has a pretty good deals right now, 10% off. I bought one last week. I already had the regular tig finger but it wasn’t big enough for me.


Knew it was posted up here somewhere. Thanks everyone.