Thor refresher desired

I’ve taken the Thor class, but it’s been too long since Ive used it and would appreciate a refresher session if anyone is available. Will gladly pay for time/trouble.

I have a good bit of stitching and piecing that Imwant to do, and an unwilling to subject myself to 59 linear feet of hand stitching at 4mm (my current set of punches)

Please let me know if anyone is available and when would work best for you, I’m flexible as I making the request (Beggars can’t be choosers…)

Thank you


I’ll gladly contribute - I just need a refresher on threading Thor - I want to video it so I can look at this is future. At some point would like to make one for committee page.

I’d like a class on the Thor so I can use it.

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This was what I meant to link:

which points here

which is Matt threading our beast…

My carpal tunnel is still giving me problems 6 months after finishing my leather bag. Can’t say I’d blame you.

I just toughed it out on mine because I could legitimately say it was hand stitched.

Did the video I shared (with the QR Code) answer your questions on threading?


I t helped. Will probably have my iPad on and watch t while threading. Thanks for the link.

Huge shoutout to Mike @HankCowdog for taking time to teach a refresher course with demos, hands-on sections, and trial pieces. Masks were always in use, social distancing was maintained, and machines were wiped down. Great information provided, and confidence restored!!

Thank you so much!