Thor maintenance

Some basic maintenance and modification was done today. Still working on modifying the feet (replaced inner presser foot with a new one).

Polished needle plate and fed dogs so it no longer Mars veg tanned leather

Working on presser feet. Oiling machine as well.


Wanted to snag this -

it would help us out tremendously and allow us to move the edge guide closer to the material and slightly in front of the presser foot, letting us run a wider foot, which increases the consistency of the feeding of the leather through the machine. Also easier to use than the tracked one we have now. We could fab one up, but for $22 it’s not worth it.


If you think it’s a good accessory, you got it - I just ordered now and donate to CA. Being shipped to DMS, CA-Thor


Thank you David!
And thank you Matt for giving Thor some love.

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Many thanks David!

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Thanks for taking care of the machine.

I’ll actually start using at some point - probably need a reminder on how to thread or retake course on using the new attachments.

I would sign up for a class to learn how to use the Thor.

Delivered. Can someone locate this and put in CA with Thor?

Done :ballot_box_with_check: