Thor Down! It broke its foot again (9/22/19)

The foot on the Thor is broken again. I wish it had been reported as soon as we knew about it so I could figure out who did it and get them retrained, but apparently it was a week+ ago. Please direct any interested people to this thread.

@jrkriehn is working to get it replaced and I will update this thread when it is done.


The Thor will work with the broken foot. How it keeps happening, I don’t know.

I’m looking for a closed foot for it so this doesn’t happen again. I’ll post in this thread when I find one. @jrkriehn


Thank you Shay - do you have any idea when the new foot for Thor will be available? Your note is new, from yesterday, and I was planning on spending some quality time on the machine today.

@jrkriehn is working on getting it.

Could someone please shoot me a note when it’s back up?

Follow this announcement thread I just made and I’ll update it when its fixed. I’m going to redirect anybody asking the same question to the thread so I only have to update there.


Patrick - please note that I moved your post (and replies) to the relevant thread.

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please order a spare 'cause you just know it’s going to happen again. cheers!

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Thor is clumsy and I bet keeps dropping his hammer on his foot and breaking it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you,
I would like to receive a notice when it’s back up and running, since I’ve replied to this post will I get a notification?

Yep, plus 10 characters.

It depends. In the lower LH corner of your screen, it has a box and if it says Watching or Tracking you will get a Notice.

If it says Normal, you will not get a notice unless the person who posts responds directly to your post, not to the thread in general.

If you click on that box, you can change the notification level for that post to ensure you get notified.



So I will be modifying the other inner pressure foot we have to fix our toe snapping issue. Additionally, I’ll be looking at and procuring smooth feed dogs, different needle plates, and maybe a specialty foot or two. Also looking at a swing down roller guide vs the one we have now.

I will also be messing with running the machine with lighter weight thread this weekend to see what results we can get out of it.

I found that the properly routed out table cover is $95 or so. Not sure if some enterprising woodshop hombre would take a stab at routing a table out for it.

I will also be oiling it this weekend as well and running it hard for a bit to try and get it smoother/more broken in.

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That is great! I like the idea of not having the track marks caused by the current set up. I wish you all the best on your running and maintenance activities. Please know I would soo much like to be there to help, watch and learn versus going to a wedding in beautiful Leavenworth Ks.

By the way, I heard that a “narrow” foot was available for the machine which might be handy - I’m such a novice that any suggestion from me should not be considered a recommendation or endorsement…

Thanks for the update

Is Thor happy once again? Any changes to the set up to be aware of or need to know?

@matthshooter, did your work on it over the weekend fix the issue?

I got a few new feet for it - standard set up - I’m measuring out the feet to make our own set so we don’t have to spend the money/they wont break (hopefully).

The Thor will function just fine now. Had to do some more profiling and smoothing on the needle hole in the feed dogs as there was a sharp angle that was shredding the bobbin thread - it’s fine now.

If the side of the inner presser foot snaps again, just let us know, but the thor will still be usable even with a broken toe. I’m hoping to get a foot made this weekend that can be installed, and the flip down roller guide will also need to be installed (I’ll get to that this weekend as well) which should eliminate the snapping we’re experiencing.

I’m not a fan of the existing feet as they have a tendency to not feed material 100% due to how narrow they are. I’ll also be looking around and hopefully getting some different feed dogs and needle plate covers depending on how everything works.

For those needing to see how to thread the machine, please watch this video (the Cowboy CB4500 is the exact same machine with a different badge on it) Threading Cowboy CB4500


Perfect, thank you!

Thank you Matt! Your the Best!