Thor certification?

I see on the equipment list that using the Thor requires a class, however, I don’t see anything upcoming on the calendar.

Is there anyone that can certify me to use the Thor? I have sewing (textile and leather) experience.

Thank you.

Beth @dryad2b taught a class on the Thor last month. Hopefully she will be willing to hold another one real soon.

I’d also like to get re-certified on it, so we can get more teachers!!

So, not this week. Probably not next week. The week after that looks okay. Wednesday night 12/7 maybe?


That works for me, thank you.

I’m typically free after 4:30 weekdays.

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I hereby certify that you are worthy and shall have the power of Thor!

{but I don’t actually have the authority to permit you to use the machine}

Sounds like a good definite maybe to me