This is why we can't have nice things


I hate to have to keep using that phrase - but this is what I found hidden in the bottom drawer of the sherline cabinet. How the hell does someone bend one of the t-slot hold down screws like this? Just how much did you think you had to crank it? I didn’t see any damage to one of the t-slots on the beds so hopefully they are ok. The problem is not that it happened. The offense was that someone just wrapped the broken accessory in the bottom of the cabinet and tried to hide it. that is a really poor etiquette and should be worthy of a ban.

Break something? LET US KNOW. Hiding it only denies others of being able to use it, and gets you in hot water when we find out.


Has the T-nut been replaced since this…

I had left the broken nut, the bolt, and the tool holder taped together in the bottom drawer. I do apologize for not replacing the nut sometime in July. I noticed it was still sitting in the bottom of the cabinet, identified the part in Sherline’s shop, then forgot to actually make the order.


hello Brian. Thank you for this repost. Let me say - Wow! 11 months since it was reported and not replaced? my apologizes. I was out of pocket for at least 6 months and didn’t know about this. I’ll take care of it. We have a sherline order coming up.

The lesson here is still clear - Brian did the right thing and there is never a penalty for doing the right thing. Had it been the opposite then my rant would stand.

Warmest regards to Brian,


More gems from MachShop:


The boring bars are abuse. The cutters harder to tell since breakage on small ones common.

The chipped end mill? Doesn’t appeared burned to me so could be normal wear. Looks loke Ti ciated. Not sure we even bought that one.

But clearly someone trashed two boring bars and appears clueless how to use them … Or how to report it.


I am genuinely curious as to what someone was doing with those boring bars, especially that left one.


That right there’s a nice start on a chess set…


Y’all ought to go around and see what shape needle nose pliers are in.
Torched, flared, bent, one tip broken off.
Why I no longer buy Klein or Xcelite tools.
Here’s your $2 Harbor Freight pliers. Go have fun…


Same for wire cutters! They are not for hardened steel or music wire. That what cutoff wheels are for.

BTW, I found a Dremel in the Woodshop drawers under the chop saw. I know @nick was looking for one. Seems to be the only one out of many DMS has purchased.


Man. now everyone knows where the last dremel is in DMS. No chance it is still there by the time I make it up. It will be added to Sméagol’s collection in no time.


I should have shut my trap. Shhhhhhhhhh… nothing to see here.


Yeah…Threw away a pair of surface wire cutters yesterday. Cutting edges all dinged up. @william_petefish donated 2 pair of Hakko cutters. Excellent timing.

Have yet to understand why some members insist on using wire cutters as bolt cutters.
Probably best I don’t catch someone in the act…


Because it is easy, convenient, and the wires don’t seem all that different. I’ve wrecked probably 3 pairs of my own nippers over the years, hoping they could do a little job I had. I’m sure some zealot will exclaim, that they have never done such a dumb thing, but odds are it is just a common miss use that we will forever deal with.


We found the boring bar bent Friday night. Not sure when it was bent. The carbide tooth chipped on us or was chipped before we started using it. We used it to re-machine the weld out of the pins for the press brake attachment. I previously drilled a 11/16 hole in the weld to remove it, then used the boring bar to take the rest out .005”diameter at a time. I tried .010” first but did not like it.


I’d like to say thank you to whomever fixed the lift crank on the hydraulic press. Made it much easier to press our YBCO Superconductor pellets.


That would be @yashsedai. Not sure if he had help or not.


I had help! @hon1nbo was kind enough to buy the cable, Charles helped me get it threaded and on appropriately!

Thanks for the help guys!


Back at ya!


Just a followup. This tool holder has been repaired and is back in service. cheers!


Nice! Thank you!