Thinking about getting a dash cam


You’re selling me on this…


Around +20 you need to be very aware of motorists in adjacent lanes period. Keep eyeing that line of cars as if one will jump out at you because about 1 time in 30 they will - hopefully with enough margin to react. I personally don’t relax going that much faster than traffic until I’ve got side clearance and several seconds of front/back clearance.

Trying to exceed the average speed of traffic is a case study in the futility of beating big numbers. Sure you can sometimes beat the numbers, but it’s typically a marginal affair. The level of concentration - and luck - required to do this goes up with speed and congestion.


Just try driving in really fun loving places like Kuwait and Iraq where this type of driving is common…Paris is pretty close but with nicer scenery.


I hear the same about Central and South America and the degree to which the suggestions that are traffic laws are respected.


This is my choice, i’ve got friends with them and they love them

I’m likely to buy one next paycheck :slight_smile: