Things I would like to do for the electronics committee / lab

It is odd how people gain a sory of posesiveness fot DMS. I am no exception. One of the things. that keep me going through this damn stroke recovery is thinking of future plans for me an DMS. I will not be able to finish this post in one sitting butit is going to have some things I want to say.Of course I put this out there knowing other folks may have other ideas, so join the fray.

I want to teach. . What I don’t know. I have a lot of trouble learning new things. Which leads me to…
Iwant to attend classes. Back when I wasn’t brain damaged. I liked to build thing I designed. In my other home All about circuits. I am trying to assist with their open source text book When it is finished it will be magnificent, maybe even a standard…

I wrote the chapter on ESD and 555 projects
It is going to take a long time to recover. So much of this is sort of hypothetical, for now. Think of it as dreams to keep me alive, until better days.

I had a project for a resister kit I made I would like to duplicaet for electronics I will buy the parts. I would like to run some rules ideas for this by the committee,Nowasting the resistor by usin a hundred or so to make higher wattagesor odd values. I can usually get within1% ny test selecting two resistors. Resistors at Tanners cost3 cents each to 4 cents each. Here was my project…


Hi Wendy,
This would be a fun project if we wanted to be a group buy on resistors. I’m sure if we got a 5 to 10 members together we could knock out a great production line. I would suggest a few alterations to the plan for building kits. Instead of making the Smaller bags or the larger sheet to hold them. I would suggest that we use commonly available options for this.

Smaller Bags:

Sheets for holding the bags:

Plus this has the added feature of being able to be stored in a binder. If we made extra bags of parts and stored them in a drawer, we could restock the binder as resistors ran out.


The ELab has an abundance of 1/4w resistors. Most are 5% and some 1%. There are also a smaller selection of higher wattage resistors. Most are found in the small cabinets by the door.

Thing is .having them sort in such a way they can be easily inventoried is more than a little useful. This is some thing I could do. Having a full kit of resistors can be a projectsavior.

Question, How many people can not see th images in the links I give?

Awhile back Art and I used several of the parts cabinets and create E24 series resistor labels for the entire series (1 ohm - 10 megaohm). Many of these labeled drawers are empty, including some common and useful values. For instance, last week I went looking for a couple of 100K resistors and there were none. Indeed none of the slots around them had any resistors. So there is plenty of opportunity to fill out our resistor inventory.

What is really needed though is to sort and organize the large pile of parts that exist in that room, Again Art and I worked on it awhile back with the transistors. We found many unsuable custom in house part numbers with no data sheets that we simply tossed in recycling box, but any transistor we could find a data sheet was placed in a labeled bin. The same kind of thing is needed for the IC’s, capacitors, etc… And much tossing in recycling is also needed.

@artg_dms is going to schedule some ‘organization’ days sometime soon…

I will likely 3d print a storage sytem, If some does do thi on their own I see no conflict doing it again my way do-ocracy in action.My thought is something tat looks like a book.

Here is a list of resitor(Ithink th code is E12 1/4W 5% are my preferred parts for protoboards.

  1. 10
  2. 11
  3. 12
  4. 13
  5. 15
  6. 16
  7. 18
  8. 20
  9. 22
  10. 24
  11. 27
  12. 30
  13. 33
  14. 36
  15. 39
  16. 43
  17. 47
  18. 51
  19. 56
  20. 62
  21. 68
  22. 75
  23. 82
  24. 91

There are limits to that do-ocracy thing.
Unfortunately some members learned through the school of hard knocks.
The ELab has limited space and redundancy in resistor storage isn’t needed.

@artg_dms @semaphore1999 Speaking from experience A complete set of resistors takes less than a coffee can space to store in an organized way… Did you read the stoage link I posted? Can you see the images I posted on All about circuits? I really do need to know.Sinc I was taking about doing thes out of pocket I have problems thinking this is going to be a problem… Why so negative?

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BTW, that list is for the e24 series of 5%. E12 is for 10% tolerance.

GPS classes? Power Supply design, PCB design, DIY Cell phone? Tesla Coil?

Remember this??

Remember my pm to you??

I’ll repeat part of it here:

Science has a budget
Go to the BoD for matching funds
Build kit as a class project
Science now has a HeNe laser for more classes
Such as basic holography
I can think of projects that CA might be interested in
3 classes and Science recovers its investment

Go for it!

Before the strok I used toregularly make myown PCBs from the ground up. I use PCB express for the CAD wok. I am trying toget a handle on KiKAD. A free PCB CAD PROGRAM THAT CAN GEBERATE Gerber file. The industry standarsd and what is compatible withThe PCB router, I have The powersupply sectio for the Text book more than half written, And have made quite a few power supplies over th years. I have many thigs to teach. I am currently in my personal hell with this stroke The doctor assured mr I will likely make a complete recovery. I have spent the last year with my left side paralyzed. Untill I do recover I wont be doing much. Imoderate abd write on All Aout circuit. Wherere I do a heck of a lot of writing. Right now I’m designing a freq counter from the ground up… My personal blog…
Iwant to help the elabe with equipment and getting funds. When I am able

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Folks,All About Circuits is a resource, Please use it, Introduce yourselves to me when you do.I can still teach even if I am not instructing a class.I’m Wendy there too.

I am working on PCB etching class, lets work together to design circuit etch it and create it all at DMS?

I responded on your etching thread, Never really got an acknowledgment.I’m willing to do what I can…

A reminder from another post about the chemicals:


A side comment abotut power supplies nowadays it would be silly to build one from scratch Wallwarts are cheapand come in any flavor you want…USB charger cubes alo fall into that catagory.

All very true. However a wallwart with the voltage you need isn’t always available and current capacity is often an issue. Sometimes multiple voltages and split supplies are needed. Multiple wallwart may be entertaining but not practical. Also sometimes it is desirable to have the pwr sply internal. Being able to adapt/modify an exsisting pwr src w/ linear regulators such as the LM78xxx/LM79xxx series is useful tool to have. App Notes abound on the topic.

Regulators are easy.

Ferric Chloride can be neutralized with Washing Soda (Wal-mart, right next to the Baking Soda) until effervescence (bubbles) cease to be produced. Then, just add the result to kitty litter to make a solid and dispose of as solid waste.

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