The Warehouse in Addison opening doors {for a day}

The Warehouse is a tough place to visit. It stretches your understanding of art and sometimes intentionally upsets you - it’s challenging with a capital Q. I get pissed off in that place. I can’t get enough of the place! I have several stories involving frozen human blood, oversized teeth, electrified sculpture, sending my son to steal cookies, painted toilets and other delights that involve this magic space. I had a near transcendental experience with a sculpture and I’ve been close to ripping up others in fits of rage when I’ve visited in the past. Good times.
They rarely open doors to the public. But they are. Now is your time to nab a spot.
This is rare. Take advantage if you’re willing.
In no way am I saying you’re going to love everything you will see…but I think you will learn a bit.


Signed up! Thanks for the heads up.

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Thank you thank you for letting me know. I have wanted in for quite some time but it is way too hard. I have even launched a plan to hire neighborhood children and say they are an after school arts program to get access, but that seems too much like the rich people who used to hire handicap people to take to Disney land so they could skip the lines.

Bahahahaa I admire your dedication!

Sounds fun! I’m in!! Thanks for sharing!!

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Thank you for sharing this info.
I didn’t know they were open to the public!
The Warehouse is truly a must go for anyone interested in contemporary art.

Jack still talks about how damn creepy that was.

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Ya, that piece it’s awesome and get’s even more profound when you know the story. The little doll-kid and the large overhanging bell…that’s something that really gets me. This show has Kiki Smith and Bourgeois and Aplegroog so just be ready to be hit in the gut hard repeatedly (if it resonates…sometimes it’s just a thing that means nothing). Are you singing up? K and I signed up for the 11-12 tour. I told all my art teacher friends to sign up at that time too. If they divide go for the side with Thomas - he’s a damn poet.

Unfortunately no, have Sat/Sun all booked up. I do want to go however.

Thanks for the heads up. I had heard of it but didn’t know you could actually go see it.

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