That one design from Sunday 09/08/2019

This was for the fusor project.

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@mossa 's 1st design was a Penning Trap.

Her 2nd was Bussard’s “polywell” magnetic confinement device, Sunday, 09-08-2019.

Does anyone happen to have about a mile of YBCO superconducting ribbon? We know just what to do with it, @Josh_Melnick.


We started work on your design this weekend @mossa. Hope all is well.

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That looks like it’s going to be tons of fun! :smiley:

I’m doing alright. You guys would be proud of me! I’ve learned to give myself my own injections and have successfully given myself the first one without assistance today. Take that fear of needles!

I should be out the next upcoming Sunday. If you guys get bored of that design, it would be neat to see if the diamond one would do anything interesting. I have an idea for a slight redesign that I will try and make with some spare wire I have around the house. Should upload that today hopefully :slight_smile:

Here it is:

Mix the two and add the balls at every intersection?

Here’s the polywell in real life 3D. I’m estimating 135mH per coil.

Anyone, let’s see your Math(s) How much energy do we pack into the B field, and what is the Beta ratio?