Thanksgiving Potluck Interest/Volunteer Check

We are thinking about having a Thanksgiving potluck.


  1. November 27 after the Maker Sale or another day?
  2. If it’s on November 27, I’m probably going to be busy helping out with the sale - do we have any volunteers to cook or warm up the turkey and ham? I found a smoked turkey at Costco but it will need to be warmed up. If someone wants to volunteer to smoke, fry or otherwise prepare the turkey and ham that would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

I like the idea on the 27th because it could be done as a after party of the sale, kind of a time for everyone to unwind and just have a good time.

I do have an outdoor turkey air fryer that I could bring up as well as a propane-fired traditional oil turkey fryer if needed.

And with enough of an advance notice, thawing time and provided I could get the time off I could mix up my seasoning blend and injuction to do a cajun fried turkey, but if not I could bring up the fryers and let somebody use them if they needed them.

The question I’m wondering about is table space for serving area, feeding and eating area. Or is that already handled?


Oh I love that idea! I would be happy to bring something, but it won’t be something that I would have to cook as I am gearing up for the sale as well.

We have done turkey several times for Pot Lucks and they were always gobbled up. One time @Nick and a few other members and myself fried 3 turkey’s old school cajun style in the rain under a leaky tent. Much fun was had by all. I think it was the cigars, whiskey and thankful comments that help us make it through.

Another time we purchased a couple 10lb turkey breasts from a restaurant supply store and did them Sous Vide and browned them up with a monster torch.

I would be willing to help with this effort.



My work schedule is so chaotic and constantly in flux I don’t know if I can personally be there, but I can definitely make sure that the equipment is for y’all to use.
If I could be there, I most certainly will though!

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I would like to actually start planning a spring/election GTG Pt deux where I make 5 more briskets.


Now that I am finished with the Samhain potluck I am finally able to think about this again. We discussed Thanksgiving at the Samhain potluck and thought it would be better to have this as a lunch on 11/28 in case we need to eat outdoors? I will start a PM to discuss later - if anyone else is interested in helping with the planning please let me know. :slight_smile:

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I’ll be shipping family back to the airport on the 27th so would not be able to bring food that night, but would be happy to donate cups/plates/cutlery . If it’s the 28th then I’ll be there with food

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If we have something like that turkey to warm up, I have a propane oven that might work. It also has a couple of top burners.


I have a propane burner set we could use as well. I know I will be busy from the 26th on, so I will only be able to bring some cupcakes or something easy. I’m game to help plan. :slight_smile: LOL


I’ll definitely help out. Count me in for the planning emails/PMs.

I think @skyspook was thinking we might pick up some trays of sides (mashed potatoes, mac and cheese) and chafing dishes to keep them warm on tables? That’s how we always did big dinners when we entertained a lot.

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Someone please bring a propane burner. We might have someone that wants to boil water again. :woman_facepalming: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Har har har.


Sending a PM to everyone who expressed interest in helping! :smiley:


Got the turkey and ham thawing. We got the stuff to inject the turkey. I personally am making banana pudding. Who’s coming? What are you bringing?


Capt will be bringing bacon baklava. And I’ve realized that I’ve left it too late to bring a vegetable. No way am I stepping foot in a grocery store today or tomorrow…

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Costco sold me an irresponsible number of pie crusts and I have a lot of canned pumpkin in the pantry, so my plan is to bring some pie(s).


There is always Friday! :wink:

I have never had bacon baklava. Looking forward to trying it.

Mmm pies. I probably will be bringing something baked, but not sure yet.

I am cooking a turkey today and I am by myself so I am sure I will have tons of leftovers to bring

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