Thank you & Volunteers needed

Thank you to the makers who posted this cool sign and made an “oh so smart” holder for the giffen grip posts

@sonepi has agreed to take on organizing the hand building tool cabinet. Look for her post in the coming weeks. Thank you!

@AnnaMarie has agreed to sand or tape off the edges of the ply wood boards so splinters are no longer an issue. Thank you!


Volunteer needed:

I have the class clay and would like to bring it to the space but I need assistance getting the clay up the ramp.

Anyone planning on being at the space this eve that can help me for about 15 mins? Let me know a good time and I’ll be there.

I plan on being there shortly and can help. Say 5 or 6ish?

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I’ll plan on being there at 5:30.
Thank you!

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