Thank You Bruce and CommScope


Thank You Bruce @bmihura and his company CommScope, Inc who donated misc. items including some nice endmills and microdrills as well as a break and bender and some other misc. items. It will all be put to good use. The most exciting item for us was a rotating head for the Bridgeport which I can’t wait to set up. cheers!


For those who don’t know what the rotary head does, here is a couple videos.


I second that Bruce. Very generous of you AND you company.


You’re welcome, all! And nice videos TBJK.

I forgot another small box of misc. items including many more end mills; I’ll bring it in today around 5:30 pm.


I always wondered why there was a rotating peg sticking out of the front of the head. I now see that it is a pulley drive for attachments such as this.