Texas Clay Festival

Hello :wave: I was wondering if anyone is planning/interested in going to the Texas clay festival?
I am planning to go on the 26th and hoping to leave around 6am to get there around 10 or so and then spending a few hours and coming back in the afternoon sometime… (Its about a 4.5 hour drive I think). I was hoping there is someone out there interested in not letting me go by myself? I don’t mind going by myself, but don’t prefer to.
Let me know :slight_smile:


I hope you find someone who can/will go. I can’t go that day, maybe next time around :grinning:

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I’ll go, sounds fun!

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Ok :blush:

Hi Christy. Little Tim from the art house is going.

Oh Cool :slight_smile: Maybe I will see him there… I don’t have his number or anything.

Wait, don’t you have a class tomorrow night?

My bad…the ceramic thing is next week :joy: