Tektronix 2465 help

Hey all,

Currently trying to use the analog tektronix and ran into some issues getting a signal. Is it still functioning? Not getting a dot, or anything really when I’m in X/Y mode. Let me know!

Can you post a picture of the scope in question?

Both to identify which scope you’re talking about but also to aide in suggesting which controls to manipulate to perhaps help get it working for you.

If it’s the one on the south-east bench, it should be in working order!

This guy


I used this scope about a month ago and had problems with Channel 2. Otherwise it worked fine. Keep in mind that Channel and 3 and 4 have limited voltage inputs. Check the manual to see which input channels are used for X/Y mode. If it requires Channels 1 and 2, then that could he your problem. It’s the machine on the bum, not the bum on the machine.

Thanks Rich! I believe X/Y mode requires channels 1-2 so that would definitely make sense as to why I wasn’t able to get what I needed. Appreciate the help!