Tech Talk Sunday! Kubos CEO Space Satellite

When Sun Jul 21 5pm — 7pm
Where Interactive Classroom
1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What Kubos a Denton Micro Satellite Startup
Host Joshua Melnick

Marshall Culpepper will present about his micro Satellite software startup KUBOS

A Denton startup’s technology soon will be out of this world, literally.
Kubos, a software platform that is targeting the emerging commercial space industry, is getting ready to launch its CubeSats satellites and software platform into outer space with help from Webster, Texas-based NanoRacks.
Its founders, CEO Marshall Culpepper, COO Tyler Browder and Chief Scientist Jesse Hamner, are hoping the company will provide other businesses and developers opportunities to reach new markets.
“We’re working with companies that a year ago couldn’t imagine this,” Culpepper said, adding that the startup makes custom small satellites for its clients. “They didn’t realize how accessible it (space) has become.”
Here’s a look at Kubos, founded last year, and what it’s planning for the future.
What inspired you to found this company?
I’m a software engineer. I got exposed to a space startup trying to bring education and hackers into this space. They had ambitions but no software people. They liked me and hired me. For about a year, my team and I were able to put three satellites at International Space Station in lower orbit and run experiments.
Since then, I’ve been trying to figure out my own unique vision and how we could improve access to space. I met Tyler and Jesse through things we were doing through TechMill Denton. Our vision is to make space more accessible to developers and companies that are not in space.
How does Kubos work?
One of the biggest things these satellites provide is access to an audience you don’t have access to. They transmit content through handy talkie radios or infrastructure cheaper to deploy than hardwire infrastructure. So you can reach them in a new way that wasn’t possible before. You could broadcast that content globally and have access to more people. Some of the companies we are talking to right now want a custom sensor network. There are a lot of companies doing things like satellite imagery.


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satellite talk today! 5PM interactive

this talk it so going to be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! It gonna be cray! Dont miss it!

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