Team Harambe - Sgt. Cuddles Log

I won an ebay auction for a 1lb. antweight combat robot built by an experienced builder, Robert Cowan. He has a very well documented series of videos on the build process.

Sgt. Cuddles Antweight Combat Robot Build:

He provided plenty of spare parts and I got it going for the Robot Rebellion 2.2 competition, which I did fairly well winning 3 fights.

The chassis was pretty beat up by the end of the tournament so I decided to rebuild. I had some Nylon X (carbon fiber infused nylon filament) and 3D printed a few chassis. I had to find and grind down some spare bolts to reassemble it.

I swapped the receiver and drive ESCs with a dual ESC and receiver I’ve used on bots before which simplifies the wiring.

I also Plasma cut the trophies for the event. I think this was the last job ran on our PlasmaCAM. I used our glass bead blaster to finish them. Jennifer is doing the vinyl lettering for them.


Very cool Mitch. I love the robot combat although I have no real skill at building or driving combat RCs. Thanks for sharing this!

I placed 2nd! You can watch the tournament at