Teaching DMS classes online - questions questions

Hey folks,

I want to get back into teaching classes, but since I haven’t stepped foot in the building (which feels like forever) I am planning to do the classes online. But I have questions to those who have already taught online. Hope to start a conversation here with you.

Mainly, which platform (zoom, twitch, etc) is working best for you to teach from. I’m thinking Zoom, but thats only because I use it daily for work.

Also, things like, “Is there anything special I should do to submit the class on the calendar?”.

Anyway, let me know if you have been teaching online for DMS, your experiences, etc etc

Thanks, hope everyone is well


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Any of those work – you do have a free google account with Google Meet as part of your membership (it’ll be [username]@dallasmakerspace.org). When you create your class, specify it’s online only and either put the link to the meeting in the calendar event, or make sure to email it out to your students beforehand.

I’ll leave it to others around any other tricks and tips for holding an online class, it’s been a bit since I’ve held something online that wasn’t a business type of meeting :slight_smile:

As an aside, we do have a “streaming cart” that can be reserved at the space to hold online classes as well, which comes with lights, cameras, software, etc. for if/when you do feel comfortable coming in.