Teaching a Wood Lathe Class

I was looking on the calendar and I didn’t see a beginner wood lathe class. Would anyone be interested in a class?

If I taught the class, who would I need to talk to to make sure that people would be signed off for the class I would teach? I’ve taken a few of the wood lath classes and done a fewsolo projects, so if there is interest I think I could teach just the basics.



I’m glad to see you’re interest in teaching. I don’t speak for the committee, or DMS, but my approach has been to talk to the committee chair and vice chair, who can advise or recommend stategies. Also, if you haven’t, read the wiki page on process and procedure for new classes. We also have a newish Education Committee (I think that’s it) who may can help.


HI Anthony, I’ve one scheduled for Saturday that should be on the calendar tomorrow. The way the committee has it set up is that you need to audit a class then teach one while being audited to be able to schedule a Lathe 101. Mine is set for ten on Saturday if you want to audit that one?

That would be great. Do I need to sign up for your class or can I just show up at the 10am Saturday?

Just show up.

Dang. I’m out of town. Paul, you planning on teaching another one soon?

I was going to set one up in another week or so but Anthony may want to do the next one to complete the teaching requirement. I know you have a project pending so if the timeline doesn’t work just PM me and we’ll set up a 1:1 to get you going.

I will attend the wood lathe class this Saturday, and then i will go ahead and schedule a class for me to teach and get audited on September 28 at 10am. Or whenever someone can do a class audit for me…

Thanks Paul, look forward to seeing you saturday.

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I think I’ve already made a commitment for the 28th . Paging @Lordrook, @Mrksls2

Would either of you be available on the 28th for this?

Sorry I cannot, September is shot for me.

Never mind. I’ll be there on the 28th. Schedule away Anthony!

Thanks amigo, my day cleared up so I’ll be there!

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I won’t be back until october 1st so the 28th won’t work for me. I guess i will have to keep an eye out for another session later.