Teach me photoshop?

I need to learn some basic photoshop, as well as some design techniques. Would anyone be willing to spend a few hours to teach me? If so, let me know how much or we can work out a trade? Thanks!

Also, if you don’t own Photoshop, there’s a very powerful free alternative called Gimp:

Ya welcome.


I know a couple people that might be interested. PM me so I don’t forget

Hey, if you still need it, I can help with the basics. The next couple of weeks are kinda hectic for me, work wise, but I’m willing to schedule some time to meet. Just shoot me a message. :slight_smile:

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Would you be willing to teach basic photoshop - but at my store?
I’d be willing to barter for your time and trouble.
I have CS6 & Lightroom

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I can teach you, let me know.

I’ll swear up and down that Lynda Master classes are the best. Those were way better than my college courses and there’s a wealth of knowledge to be learnt on deviantart: