Tanner Electronics Invites DMS again! Help wanted - 7/6/19 - 10-3PM

Jimmy Tanner occasionally invites friends to set up a table on Saturday and talk to customers. I’ve done this with a few other Makers and it is a lot of fun. We generally carry a few projects and talk about electronics, DMS, classes,… It is a very informal event and a great outreach for DMS. The event will be featured on the big Tanner white board and hopefully bring in more customers.

Please reply if you can help. I have to leave at 1:00 for an Arduino class. If anyone wants to carry on until closing at 3:00, let me know.

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@bill - Regretfully this is likely one of your unavailable days. I have not been able to work a date for both of us. We will make it work next time.


Brady, I can fill-in for you from 1 to closing on the 6th…
Will show up shortly before 1 unless you tell me otherwise.


Wonderful! I’ll have my Times Square sign and some Arduino circuits set up and you can bring anything you have. A little before 3:00, you can pack my stuff in a box and they will keep it until I pick it up.

Hopefully we will have a few more volunteers. Its an easy gig. Just hang out and as customers come by tell them about the circuits, DMS, classes, tour night, your hobbies and life goals,… Or maybe stop at hobbies.


Thanks for the great initiative you two! I’ll make sure to stop by and help throughout the day.

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Still looking for a Few Good Makers!

Thanks for the current volunteers. We are minimally staffed. It would be nice to have three makers during the full time. If you have a favorite project, bring it. If not, just come and hang out.

Even if you are not into electronics, drop in a few minutes to provide support. You will see why Electronics Makers consider this family store the greatest supplier anywhere!