Tanner donation

Sooo, what’s the status of the donations from Tanner? I was looking for a certain potentiometer in Electronics with no luck, but I was elated to learn of the donated boxes from Tanner. I journeyed to the black and yellow mountain and saw the boxes were numbered, but didn’t find any inventory list. If there isn’t, than is the product free to be sorted/mixed/organized with the other components in Electronics?

And if that did get a go, how would one go about, say, volunteering to sort, organize, and combine the inventory? Asking for a friend. :slight_smile:

Inventory is taking place. There is a google docs list. Not ready for public use yet.
Some of the inventory will be integrated into the ELab.
IRS rules / Nonprofit status complicates dealing with the rest.

If you’re interested in volunteering, send me a PM.


Are you the AWhole who rearranged the bins and left a mess in the Orange Room?
Hope you smiled for the camera… :exploding_head:

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