Tandy's Vintage Doodle Pages - a wealth of inspiration and tips

I was looking through some vintage Tandy “Doodle Pages” tonight and found this quick tip. Obvious in hindsight, but I’ve been doing this wrong for years. (Ignore the extraneous “D425” text).

The Doodle Pages are a wealth of leatherworking tips, and they are all available for free download here:

I’m also putting a copy in the creativearts/leatherworking/ Committee drive if you want to peruse or snag a copy there.

There are 40 PDF’s available, and each PDF holds 50-70+ pages of tips, patterns, inspiration, and more. Don’t just go blindly printing them out, though: the originals were in 11x17 format, and the PDF is set up with an 11x17 page, followed by two 8.5x11 pages of the same content. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Thus, you should either print every third page on a large format printer, or print everything but every third page when printing at home.

In practice, you’ll likely to do like me and view the PDF online, and then just print the page(s) you want,as you need them.