Tandy Black Friday Sale


Here’s the Tandy Black Friday Sale ad.

For those of you that want to practice with Vegetable tan leather the 3/4oz Veg Side for $30 is a great deal. This is economy leather so you’re not getting quality here, but something you can practice dyeing, stitching, cutting, and making stuff with before you move on to better leather. These you CAN cut on our lasers.

The other real deal is the Utility Sides for $50. I’m particularly fond of the utility sides (I pretty much use these exclusively in all my project classes) and a side for $50 is a steal. Limited quantities and Limit one per customer. This you can make plenty of items from and they will be good quality. No dying needed since they’re already finished, but you CANNOT cut these on our lasers.


just an FYI, the light boards at the bottom picture fo 89.99- Amazon has them for about 25.00. they are usb powered.


While Amazon may have similar USB powered light boards, this one is AC powered and is a Tandy product, according to Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Tandy-Leather-Craftool-Tablet-3504-00/dp/B01M7RUN61/ref=sr_1_1?s=arts-crafts&ie=UTF8&qid=1542775852&sr=8-1&keywords=craftool+light

While they look alike in the photos on Amazon, not all light boards are equal. I bought one of the unbelievably inexpensive ones on Amazon, as I thought it would be nice to have a smaller one in addition to my 11x17 Daylight table. But in real life? Ick. Appalling quality. Not money well spent…

That said, if I were shopping for a Lightbox, I’d want to see this sucker in person before I handed over $$.


CA has a light box. It is AC, bigger than 8.5 x 11, but is thicker in depth. But it is available.


GlassWorks has 5 of them from Amazon,we have used for the enamels calls they work great.


I’m hoping to get one of the 7-9 ounce sides myself.


Northeast Dallas Tandy still had several of the $29 veg tan sides (both weights) when I was there this afternoon (11/24). They had a big selection of the $29 “designer sides” as well. If you want some hot pink patent leather, they’ve got it. Several colors, some various browns in a pebbled texture (like a football), lots of “alligator” sides in that bin as well. The store “manager’s special” includes 9053-71 black veg tan double shoulder 9-10 oz for $60 (elite usually $80) and the sure grip shears 3048-00 for $25 (elite usually $39).


@uglyknees Don’t even think about getting this.


Oh it’s definitely “Creative Arts” pink! :smiley:


We went yesterday & picked up 2 sides, limit wasn’t one like they said. Picked up other stuff as well. Ended up spending about 150$ myself.


Yeah. We went to the Irving Tandy, and got our alloted 5 of the special little skins. And they let us know we could buy more if we wanted.


face palm. just now finding out about this. i guess i’ll try to see if they’re open sundays


The one in Irving (on… Esters?) told us the sale was good through Sunday, so I assume that they’re open on Sunday.


Most Tandy stores are open 12-5 on Sundays. YMMV


They are open on Sundays. When I went a few weeks ago I found that out. I asked & they said they were all open on Sundays now.