[Taken] Acrylic to give away 09/15/2020

We are moving, which means getting rid of - lots of stuff. Would anyone like my acrylic stash? It’s got some thick clear acrylic, some mirrored acrylic, some white. Free if someone will come pick it up (I live in Coppell). If I have to meet you at the Space, I’ll require some Christmas ornaments to give as gifts!


@grahamb…yes please! I don’t live too far from you and can pick stuff up anytime you’re free. I’m in Flower Mound. I’ll PM you my phone number.

@grahamb Did you find a new home for the acrylic ?

Yeah…I picked it up right after she posted. :grin:

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Lucky dog !! just checking and trying to help out :slight_smile: lol

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