Table of Ryobi Tools

I haven’t been to DMS since this past weekend so there is a chance this might not even be applicable. However, there is a table full of hand tools that’s been taking up an entire table for weeks now. I am more than happy to help put it away, hang it up, store it or whatever needs to be done with it. I feel a lot of people are utilizing the space lately and to have a table down is kind of annoying. And it also looks pretty messy to boot. So, if I can be of assistance to clear that table please let me know. Thanks!


Okay @Sandra_Hill - Since you asked. Lets organize a work party for Sunday afternoon. Can you round up a couple of more volunteers? Let’s start at 2PM Sunday. The current peg hole boards need to be removed and the exterior plywood will need to be installed. Then the new tools and racks can be laid out to best fit the space. @yashsedai will supervise the project.

Please let @Sandra_Hill know if you are a woodshop user that wants to make DMS a better place. yo can answer here and be sure to add her handle:)

BTW, we have four new tools thanks to @yashsedai, two 18GA nail guns, and two circular saws to cut down rough stock and dimensional lumber.


That sounds great!! I’ll ask a friend and see if she wouldn’t mind helping out.


The plywood weighs about 80#s per sheet.:slight_smile:

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Due to unforseen circumstances I’m going to have to reschedule, @Sandra_Hill what is the next date that works for you?

Weekends work besos for me. I’m pretty open so far.

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Can I join the party?

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Lets try for next sunday if thats ok?


That’s fine with me.

Same time?

The difficult part(hanging plywood) was done yesterday by @Taylor_Quimby. Now you get to focus on the artistic aspect of laying the tools out.

That sounds awesome!!

Hey! When are we rescheduling this tool organizing?

We just kind of did:)

Yay!!! When?

Crystal said you’re busy building a website.

Y’all should post this as an event on the calendar!

That might inspire others to come help who might not use talk.

Man, she didn’t come yet! I’m here with a baby!


Me too!


Saw this happening on my way in… thank you :grin::+1:@SlackerEngineer