Table Leg Taper Jig

Does anyone have a taper jig handy I could use? Looking to add a taper to my table legs thanks in advance for any help with this.

I think we have one like this (right, @IanLee @Andy ?):

Also, dead simple to make, but requires some additional hardware, so may be a non-starter.


Ok I’ll check next time I’m there or just get some stuff to make one doesn’t seem too hard from my YouTube search

At the risk of voluntelling anyone what to do, I’ll suggest jimmying something up in Vcarve, as this is eminently Multicamable (i know…it’s not really a word!) and seems like something that might need to be repeated somewhat regularly given our track record with sleds and jigs and whatnot.

We may even have a library or repository on the committee drive with other stuff like this in it…?

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Having recently made a tapered leg with the miter sled on the SawStop, I can confirm that it works well enough. I used the sled with the gold fence in a drawer under the miter saw.

However, now I have to figure out how to clamp the thing together for the glue-up…

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