T slot aluminum extrusion, Dallas source?

Looking for a local source,

Any info appreciated… thanks

I know Rockler sells some T-slot aluminum extruded products. https://www.rockler.com/workshop-accessories/rockler-t-track

Not sure this is the size you are looking for based on your picture, but REV Robotics manufactures their own extrusion. It is 1"x1", but utilizes standard #10 hex nuts and low profile #10 nylock nuts.

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I haven’t used them but there is a place by the space called western extrusions. There is also 8020.com


Shepherd Controls, Fastenal, and several others are distributors from 8020 extruded aluminum. You’ll have to call to see what’s in stock.

Openbuilds.com also sells reasonably priced t-slot aluminum but they’re not local