Swarovski Hot Fix Flatbacks


Has anyone used Swarovski hot fix flatbacks? What did you use as the heat source to affix them? Thanks.


I once bedazzled something stupid with them.


Mom used her heat press when she was making shirts. Whay settings, I have no idea


Did she put the shirt into the press with the flatbacks just sitting on them?


Heat press. Trick is press from the front then turn inside out and press from the back.


More or less. She used a liner so the shirt didn’t get glued closed (teflon? Some kind of paper?) And teflon to protect the shirt.


Guessing parchment paper…


Got it! Since I’ll be putting these onto a wall-hanging quilt (or more specifically the not-yet-quilted top of a wall-hanging quilt), I will be able to do it from both sides.

Do you have to use anything to “tack” them into place when you do the first pressing so they don’t slide around?


It matters on how complex your design is. If it is just a couple, place and then press it. If you are making a more elaborate design, build it on a piece of wax paper with low track adhesive, then use a piece of transfer sheet to move it to the garment. Press and let fully cool before removing transfer sheet. If a stone pops up, just place it back by hand and repress. Once all are on the garment, flip and heat from the backside, the makes sure you fully heated the glue into the garment.

For others following this thread not you Chris, heat press stones are not permanent for t shirts and other wearable. They are known to come off in the wash. The best way to have them last through a washing is to hand wash and hang dry.


AND, most are not suitable for children’s garments.


For those wondering why this is, it is the fact that these can come off garments and may pose a choking or ingestion risk to children.


Thanks, @Nick. I should have been more descriptive. A lot of the hot-fix rhinestone, especially Swarovski, contain lead.


@CaryF300 or @Nick - do either of you have thoughts on temp and time for the settings?


Follow the manufacturer’s guide lines. It looks like application temperature is 250 to 340. if going with lower temp press a bit longer to make sure that the garment hits the temperature.



Nick beat me to the punch, but I found another reference document that might be useful.


@nick, @CaryF300 - those are both great resources. I appreciate the help. Needless to say, I’m going to try it on scraps first!


Do I need a felt pad or equivalent to even out the pressure? Does CA own one for the heat press? I know we also used one for the ceramic ornaments.


Would the pressing pad work It is the shiny silver fabric on one side so it might not


The pad on the base of the press should be enough.


I’ve never used one with rhinestones, so I don’t think the crystals will be any different.