Surgery today see you all on the other side

Having surgery today wish me luck.


Good luck and wish you all the best for a quick recovery.


Sending well wishes!

May your medical staff perform well.

Can’t wait to see you back in the shop.

well i survived i remember nothing. Going to be in a boot for a while. Going to swing by at some point today even though i am suppose to be resting. Resting doesn’t pay the bills. Im a little out of it from being under for 2 hours.


Deciding to get back at it while still a little out of it can add to the bills! Be cautious … esp on Day 0.

Stay away from the big yellow grinder and the wheel of death.

But those are the fun ones

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I’m with Bert, Scott. Don’t be trying to be all macho and “doing stuff” right away. Binge-watch some car-customizing shows while hugging your little girl or something like that. It’s okay to be a slug in the name of recovery.

I have rent due tomorrow and also need to get my DMS checks

damn right im a fall risk. You have not lived till you have a boot on and had an IV in for 2 hours and have to hobble 50yard to pee and try not to fall over and ■■■■ yourself.

Yeah, that Day 0 stuff!

I appreciate your posts but don’t think we have met. I’ll look for you to say hello after you are back up to speed. Best wishes for a quick recovery with excellent results!

Im usually in the metal shop. Trying to figure out how i can handle working with this boot on. I’m going to make a cane to help me move around.


you can always make more money, chill for a day or two, better yet do what the Dr, tells you to do and this will not drag out for an extended period of time.

I still have not seen your sheet metal part 2 class on the calendar, you could do that setting down.

I am thinking that getting welding sparks inside that boot could be interesting to watch. Let me know when you plan to try it.

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Problem is my rent is due every tuesday. I need to finish up some powder coating and pick up my checks for teaching classes.

Lets not botch the rehab. If you need a hand with the powder coat let me know, right now I have no plans for tomorrow.

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What was suppose to be a single incision turned into 4 and stitches. In worse shape then i was originally suppose to be in. Boot life sucks didn’t help that i had scar tissue also attached to the muscle causing a lot of the problems. Just hope this helps. I will be down at DMS tonight to handle some personal buisness.

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