Sullivan's Quilter's Design Table $50 OBO

This table has been used for a few years, but is in good condition. Selling it to make room for a table that is a bit larger. On sale right now at Joann’s for $180, but you can get yours as early as Sunday for the low, low cost of $50.


Maybe? How well does it fit in a regular car? Been kind of thinking about getting more sewing stuff in the future when I have time and planning. And it can store a sewing machine inside too right?

We’re pretty sure we can fit it in our hatchback golf. Dimensions are 31" tall, 16" wide and 47" long.

It folds out like the picture below. It has a spot for the machine that folds out to the right, but its not really a good storage spot for a machine. There’s a shelf under the table, but imo its not wide enough to rest a machine on.