Suggestions for booths for fundraising - Las Colinas

I didn’t see a ceramics committee thread so I thought I’d post it here. Last night we discussed setting up a booth at local farmers/art/boho markets. Las Colinas, specifically, has lots of opportunities for this.

Four Seasons Market held every Saturday at 7701 N. Mac Arthur Blvd in the Lambertis Parking Lot.

Four Seasons Market` also hosts a market on Mandalay Canal in Las Colinas.

The Boho Market, Local goods for local folks will be held on Saturday, June 29 at Toyota Music Factory in Irving.

Oktoberfest 2019 and 12 Days of Christmas are festivals that will take place on Mandalay Canal. Oktoberfest is Sept. 18-21 and 12 Days of Christmas will take place Dec. 11-22.

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I didn’t get to attend the meeting last night due to other commitments but is the idea that we donate pieces in order to raise funds for Ceramics?

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Yes. There was also mention of donating items to a booth that Makerspace will set up (that includes items from different departments).

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This looks awesome! Field Trip!

@Tapper is our Treasurer. Brian, want to weigh in on this?

Don’t see a problem with thiis, should be fun. Just remember - to use the DMS name, you must be fundraising for DMS - AKA DMS gets a cut of all sales.

Probably should get a Board blessing, since they are the final arbiters of the use of DMS’s name in such things.


Farmers Branch Farmers Market @ The Grove

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Smaller venue will have a better shot at selling what I’m guessing are essentially abandoned wares? Canton is amazing but the sheer volume of it means that the spot you’ll get will be on “cheapass row” and not by the higher end clientele. The good spots are earned after years of paying dues and vendors are pretty vicious about them


There’s a tax issue here when a nonprofit engages in a for-profit business. We need sales tax certificates. We need to pay sales and income tax on the revenues.


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Is it sketchy to say: this shelf/set of items is a $5 donation, this shelf/set of (nicer) items is a $10 donation, and this shelf/set of (really nicer) items is a $25 donation?

Yes. Very.

lol…that’s what I thought.

Local Companies are welcome to attend 4 non- consecutive markets throughout the season. Non-profits are invited to attend at no cost and can have 1 free booth space per season. The non-profit must be a 501©3 and companies are defined as retail, direct marketing or non-producers. Non-profits and companies must be based in Farmers Branch and have a Farmers Branch address.

Is the Makerspace just not allowed there?

Have to reach out maybe for the free booth spots for FB non profits. Outside of that we should be good.

Meaning we are not in Farmers Branch. Do they allow non Farmers Branch organizations and residents to set up a booth?

Applications are now open! We will accept applications throughout the season. If the product category or the market is not full applicants will be reviewed. Applicants can be put on a waiting list. We encourage you to always apply. There will be a $25.00 non-refundable application fee that is due with your application. We will be accepting vendors in the following categories: Farmers/Ranchers, Specialty Food/Prepared Food, Art/Crafts, Non-Profit and Local Companies. This is a producers market so those who raise, produce, grow or craft are invited to apply. Products could include but not limited to farmers, growers, producers of fruits, vegetables, eggs, herbs, seafood, dairy, cheese, nuts, seeds, grains, plants, pastas, spices, condiments, sauces, teas, oils, trail mix, baked goods, frozen treats, wineries, fresh cut flowers, jewelry, pottery, quilts, crochet, ceramics, candles, soaps, wood, etc.

My understanding that the Farmers Branch city council is aware of us and wish we were on their side of the city limit line…

They allow vendors from all over. Imagine it would be tuff to fill a farmers market with just FB businesses anyways.