Suggestions for a Photography 101 Class?

My wife enjoys shooting photography and so I did my research on the top recommended amateur cameras, and for Christmas I bought her a Nikon D5300 DSLR. And it’s a great camera, but neither of us really have any experience with the more advanced workings of photography aside from point-focus-shoot.

I took a summer class as a teen and so I’ve got the basics of framing and the rule of thirds and such in my pocket, but that was back in the days of basic analog cameras. So the deeper workings of her fancy camera are just as much a mystery to me as her, and she has never taken any Photography classes at all.

So I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on where to get a Basic Photography/DSLR 101 class? We don’t need anything super complicated as this is more for just nature style shooting on our vacations. Preferably like an evening class that we can do together as a date night.

Any suggestions are appreciated. I do not know if Makerspace offers a photography classes or even if this is the right category in the forum to be asking, but figured it was worth a ‘shot’. (Photo pun fully intended!)

Merry Christmas everyone!


We had an active photography group but it appears to be dormant now.

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Check your local Jr. College, a lot of them will have courses that are for credit or have non-credit extension courses (usually on weekends). Also ask at your local pro–camera shops.

Another choice, sign-up starting on January 3rd for April class, you can sign up at The Texas School. This a one week very intense school. It usually sells out pretty fast (who knows during Covid) Will be held in Addision.

This one week course may be of interest Nature, Macro, Floral, Animal, Landscape and Travel Photography

There is also a one day pre-course Back to Basics: Cameras, Meters & Flash.

A quick search of Meetup locally found Meet-up Photography

Hope this helps


Taking a good picture is just part of the story. Editing is where good photos become great photos.

I’ve been following a particular Youtuber who does photo editing lectures on GIMP, which is the open-source version of Photoshop. It’s Davies Media Design, and I’m guessing that the Youtuber’s name is Davies.

If you’ve got Photoshop, the tools are a bit easier to use – but you pay for it. There’s a Youtuber (Unmesh Dinda) who does good videos (and maybe better lectures?) at PiXimperfect.

There are probably equivalent sources on photography on Youtube. I prefer Youtube because you can study at your own convenience when the mood strikes you. And you can review the same lecture (or sections of it) multiple times.


And get your green dot!


Hello, I was involved with the photography SIG (we held weekly and bi-weekly meets) before the pandemic and was thinking about re-joining DMS in a little while. I wouldn’t mind putting a photo 101 class together unless one already exist. Does anyone know if one exists already?


Put one together - offer it and they will come.

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:slight_smile: I can do that.


Gonna go Old School on ya here.
Go to the Nikon website and download the manual PDF.
Keep a copy on your laptop - so you have a copy when you travel.
Print out a full size copy.
Go through the manual - just to see what’s there.
Now sit down w/ manual and w/ camera in hand and learn where all the controls are.
Time to get behind the lens and practice / experiment.

You might check out the local camera clubs.