Suggestions for a local fabrication shop for manufacturing a robot pedestal

I work in a company which is into supply chain automation and robotics. We recently got a FANUC Robot (M10iD/12). To get started on this robot, we need to have a robot pedestal. It was shipped from overseas, but the shipment is delayed due to ports congestion.

The robot pedestal is made of MS and is about 26 inches in height. I have all the drawings needed for fabrication (If anyone wants to take a look, pls DM)

Can anyone suggest local machine shops which might be able fabricate the robot pedestal? Also, if anyone knows what areas might have such shops kindly suggest them too.

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Cool, congrats on the robot acquisition! @Team_Machine_Shop might be able to give you some pointers… They’re currently making a stand for one of the Staubli robot arms sitting near the Science Lab area.